Will epoxy stick to paint?

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So i thought i could paint my entire assualt rifle black and then add aluminium plates on top (painted as well [Silver grey]). so that i would get a nice metal surface with detail.

Since the surface of my AR is flat i thought i could cut out aluminium pieces to put untop of it so i could get nice surface detail with lines etc...
(especcially the 3 lines on the top of the AR in front of the ammo counter).

I just want to know if it's possible to stick the aluminium plates to the paint with epoxy.
epoxy will stick to paint and just about everything else. however if the paint is applied thich enough, with enough thickness it can act as a poor mans release agent. if you want good adhesion remove the paint in the areas you want it to stick, sand the metal well, and make sure its clean. It should stick fairly well.
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