flying squirl

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you click extract to, select a place and SHAZAM it appears in that place. or you could just drag it from the winrar window and into a folder/onto you desktop.

if your still stuck, google perhaps?


I know of a program that i think is a bit easter to use. Tugzip deals with more formats and every button has a picture on it making it pretty self explanatory, and it's actually free, unlike winrar that your supposed to pay for. Yeah you heard me everyone who is using winrar after the trial period is breaking the law.


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Right click > extract here.

Thats how you do it, any simpler, and you shouldnt be on a PC.

Technically, winrar does work after the trial, but many features dont work because it's trial. But the main unrar, and compile works, which is really all you need. And you arent breaking the law since the program isnt full, breaking the law would be using a crack to make it full.