WZ's "Bucket" Stands


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Hi all,
I'm having a very first world problem here where I'm starting to have a good number of buckets helmets, but no way of properly displaying them so they look all nice and pretty...
To solve this very important issue, I've decided to make my own stands, personalised for each franchises/themes/factions.
The design is quite simple, a custom baseplate, a threaded rod covered by a small steel pipe and a "head" to hold the helmet itself.
So far, I have to make one for :
  • Halo - ODST Helmet
  • Halo - Carter Helmet
  • Star Wars - Imperial Shock Trooper Helmet
  • Fallout - T-51B Helmet
  • Lost Planet 2 - Ex-Nevec Helmet
I already started with the ODST one, the model is done and most of it is already printed.
I'll have actual pics shortly, but for now here's a quick render of what its going to look like:



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Small update today. Finished modeling and printing all the baseplates for the 4 helmets :D

So you got your standard imperial symbol for the Stormtrooper Helmet, the NEVEC logo on a square (design inspired by one of the achievement's icon for LP2) for the Ex-NEVEC helmet and a Brotherhood of Steel Crest on top of a vault door shaped cog for the T-51b Helmet from fallout.