Xanmar's WIP - Disguise Halo Master Chief Ultra Prestige Costume


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Hello everyone,

So I had being looking at the costume for a while. I just saw someone at Lexcon 2022 that was wearing it. I asked him if he liked it and he did and he said what I had seen in the reviews that it was nice but needed a little love to make it better and last a longer. When I searched to see if the was a Building group for Halo Armor I saw that someone had a post about updating this costume to make it better, sorry as I write this I don't remember the persons name.

So in this thread I plan to post what I like and don't like about the costume and the changes I want and do to it.

A long the way hopefully I will get some helpful feed back
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Next step is to try the armor on and see how it fits me. Then I can look into re-enforcing it in areas and adding improvements (helmet fans for sure).

Helmet and chest try on after unboxing



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Thought I would post this comment here as for some unknown reason Facebook would not allow me to reply to a post I had from you.

Barry Kiker,

As I'm new here on the forum, I did see that I have to be active for 90 days and have 50 posts before I can request to join the Southern Regiment Forum Group and Facebook Group. I plan to do both when I'm able.

Not sure why Facebook would not let me reply that back to you. It auto decline the post above, the edited version of it (I plan too), another reply to you (I will) and then just another comment to my original post (Still new to 405th but I plan to).

All I could see was that it was based on Keywords and pointed me to the Facebook Groups rules. Can't see how any of those was against the Facebook Groups rules.

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