You Can Play at Guilty Spark in Forge?

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Yeah, when you change from your Spartan character into the edit mode of the forge, you turn into a monitor.... so you can fly freely around the map..


A player 'Monitor' in a Forge game


The Forge Monitor HUD

Whats really going to freak you out though is that you have a budget for your Forge creations... i.e. you have to pay for items, and can only have so many things on a map at the same time.

I dunno how that budget thing is going to work... is it based on expereince points, or what? I didn't hear yesterdays Podcast yet... did they mention this?
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So, I'm loving this new forum look. Not to mention that it works on my computer. Anywho, to the chase. I LOVE FORGE! It's one of the main things that I think Halo 3 has over Bioshock. That, and the whole fact that it rules. I think that Forge will also open the Halo experience to people who don't really know how to play Halo, or the people who don't like Halo multiplayer.
Fo those of you who are still unsure of the details of Forge, go download and listen to this weeks Bungie Podcast... your questions will be answered.
I listened to it a couple times this evening, and all I can say is that this is going to be revolutionary for the game, even more than any of the other features that have been discussed.

Imagine setting up maps and gametypes and being able to save them and upload them to the Bungie servers so that anybody can DL them and try them out... Bungie is even going to feature fan-created favorites.

The possibilities are endless for customization. You can close doorways with objects, drop teleporters to create new doorways.. you can even drop teleporters on people!

Yes you can shoot monitors, they have a stardard shield just like a player, difference is that you wield god-like powers.

This is for unranked, multiplayer only games.

Go listen to the podcast.
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