Thorssoli's Vacformed Warhammer 40k Space Marines

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    WOW!! The suit is looking amazing! I totally want to wear one with you guys and walk around lol. I think the chainsword is the right size for the suit. I am loving it! Good job! Cant wait to see more :-)

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    Awesome looking build.

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    The suit is look amazing at this stage. Seeing it all together really puts everything into scale. I agree that the chainsword is a good size. Based on all the concept art I've seen from white dwarf, it looks to be a very good size. Their concept artists like to exaggerate weapons for the wow factor.

    If I had my way I'd keep you funded well enough to do this stuff full time. I simply love seeing your builds come together.

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    very nice work!
    Love the large scale props and suits!

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    All your work looks really awesome. Definitely a inspiration! Out of curiousity, is this just your hobby or do you make costumes as a job? It's cool to see all of this done :P

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    That is a spectacular build.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Starvinartist80 View Post
    If I had my way I'd keep you funded well enough to do this stuff full time.
    I suppose I'd be willing to accept donations toward materials...

    Quote Originally Posted by MikyVengeance View Post
    Out of curiousity, is this just your hobby or do you make costumes as a job?
    Can't it be both?

    I haven't made much progress on the hands. Right now they look like so:

    So the palms are about 90% done. I still need to make a couple more knuckles and all of the fingertips. Then I'll be ready to mold and cast copies.

    Today I made great strides forward on the backpack. First I worked on the wedge shapes for the sides:

    Then I framed up the cowling that will arc over the top:

    I skinned over the frame, but it will need more attention before I'm ready to make pulls:

    I still have to trim the sides down and I'll probably laminate another layer or two of plywood to round it out better.

    Right now it looks like the backpack will consist of eight separate vacformed parts and I'll be rotocasting the ball/vent arrangements for either side. Any smaller details will be resin casts.

    In short order I'll be sculpting out the rubber parts for the joints. Once that's done, I'll be cranking out a few more suits so I can get started on the painting and detailing (aka the fun part).

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    Wow, everything is coming together so nicely. Keep up the good work buddy!

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    Did a little of this today:

    Still needs work.

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    How about painting it pink? I used to paint my marines pink, until I saw the fires of the Salamanders. I still have a pink captain sitting on my table. And your build is sick, man! You'll be an impressive sight, once your suit is finished.

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    Fantastic work as always. Everything looks great.

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    The backpack is coming along. I had a few friends helping out in the workshop yesterday, so I concentrated on the ball vents:

    One of the other guys glasses some reinforcements into the shoulder forms:

    He also spent a lot of time screwing around:

    I taught my friend Breana how to mix Bondo so she could smooth out the forming buck for the upper cowling:

    I'm planning on cutting the vent holes into the formed piece rather than cut them into the form. That way I can make different variations after I make the pulls.

    The whole thing is going to make for a fairly large piece and the long-awaited finishing touch for this project:

    Stay tuned...

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    Awesome update, You're moving along great.

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    But wait, there's more!

    Today I did a bit more rough shaping for the pistol grip. Here's a shot of how it stands right now (hand included for scale):

    I also added a few details to the ball vent:

    Tell me honestly, does this suit make my butt look big?

    But seriously, these dudes are going to be four feet wide:

    I also finished the other half of the cowling for the top of the backpack, but I neglected to get pics. I should have some forming help tomorrow evening, so with a bit of luck I'll be able to crank out a couple more shoulders, mold the ball vent, and build the middle portion of a backpack. Then I just need to make the small lower vents for the backpack and get focused on the bendy parts.

    Stay tuned...

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    Awesome stuff. Did the ball vent start out as a pep or...?

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    The ball vent was cobbled together from found items. I started with a 10" syrofoam sphere, flattened two sides on the belt sander, added a cylinder cut from 2" thick foam, then coated it with casting resin so I could smooth it out and paint it without the paint eating the foam.

    For the tapered vent end, I cut a couple more circles out of 3/4" MDF, cut the middle out of one of them, and glued them together. Then I set the bench sander up on an angle so I could grind an appropriate taper to the sides. The louvers were 1/4" strips of 1/4" MDF that were cut to length and glued into place. The whole thing needs a bit more sanding and smoothing, then I need to paint it all shiny so I can mold it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by thorssoli View Post

    Tell me honestly, does this suit make my butt look big?
    No, that suit makes your everything look small. Though I imagine you will look considerably larger when you are wearing the full suit rather than standing beside it.

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    Last night I had a couple of the guys over and we made some shoulders:

    After a quick trimming, we had them cleaned up and ready for costuming:

    Then we moved on to making backpack parts:

    Trimming and assembly went much smoother than I'd expected:

    The worst part was a bit of webbing on the front piece, but it will be obscured behind the character's back and shoulder:

    Here's a shot of it stacked together with the ball vent prototype:

    And me holding it for scale:

    The absolute best part though, is how ridiculously heavy it's not:

    All I need to do now is cobble together forming bucks for the lower vents and mold the ball vents. Then make templates for the cutouts on the back of the cowling.

    Today I'm not feeling well, so I'm going to be taking it easy, staying in, and sculpting the last bits of the fingers. Stay tuned...

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    WOW... The build is coming together very nicely. :-) I am loving all the pics of details and of the pulls you are doing. Your right, that is ridiculous how light that giant backpack is. Amazing job, keep up the great work :-)

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    Are you going to have a sergeant or captain with a banner-pole?

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    Once more awesome, I like having fun at work

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    I am really impressed with how light the pieces are turning out. That will make the size of this thing really managable in long term. Congrats on even more great work.

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    Thanks for the compliments guys. I apologize for not posting updates lately, but I've been under the weather and I've been having motivational problems.

    Today I finally got back to work on this guy for real (instead of the mild tinkering I've been doing lately) and I ironed out all of the little details I wanted on the grip for the bolt pistol:

    It looks ridiculously ginormous in my hand, but it's exactly the right size for the Space Marine's hand:

    Looking at the reference images I'm using, the pistol grip for the bolt pistol is the exact same grip used on the other weapons. So it'll fit just fine on the bolter that I started laying out:

    Once I mold the pistol grip, I'll be pulling the rest of the pieces for the pistol in the same manner as the chainsword. The main body will be made up of a series of vacfomed pieces with a few cast resin details added on as needed.

    On the subject of molding, I started the glove mold for the backpack's ball vent:

    I also did the final smoothing on the neck piece:

    This part will be slipcast using black latex in much the same manner as a halloween mask. Since I'm making a flexible rubber piece, this means I can get away with using a rigid mold. The best moldmaking material for slipcasting latex is Ultracal 30. Here's the print coat after I'd laid it on:

    Here's a shot of the finished mold after it was built up to the proper thickness and reinforced with burlap strips:

    It's been pretty cold here these past couple of nights, but I'm hoping that the mold will cure to full strength so I can pull the original sculpt and clean all of the clay out of it, let it dry out, and then start pouring latex copies.

    Stay tuned...

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    Wow thats awesome! Still moving along smoothly :-)

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    Hey thor,absolutely amazing work. I do have a question though. I want to vacform a helmet (iron helmet from skyrim) and i was wondering, would the 1/16th inch ABS you use have enough give to it to allow for vacforming a helmet? Or would you suggest something different for a first time vacformer? Thanks!

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