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  • yeah well i will eventually get more progress done
    and yeah us Calfironians are kinda scared like not knowing what to do about the weather =P but i am sure that it gets much coolder in Wisconsin
    wow you did a lot of work !
    i haven't done much, i really don't have time to do it anymore and plus it has been raing the past 3 days here =( it's all cold like 40 degress (cold to us people in California) it's probably not as cold to how cold it gets to where you live xD
    haha lol i look stupid with short hair so i try to keep my hair long for as long as possible =P my dad makes me get haircuts but my mom doesn't care
    oh well can't wait to see some pics, you have great pep work and i fixed my computer, all i had to do was press Alt+F10 over and over again to just set my computer back to factory default and all good so i finally got pics, you should check them out =D
    well can't wait for pics and good luck =D
    oh nice, do you have pics yet of any progress?
    well i finished a pilot helmet for the third time in 3 days, it is scaled and fits perfectly and this has to be my best helmet ever pepped =D but i can't post any pics because i am using my old computer that doesn't let you upload pics for some reason =P but as soon as i fix me new computer, I will have pics
    Hi , my name is Natalie and I am looking to find a pepkura file for a female chest piece and was wondering if you knew where where i could find it. I know it's odd but I've searched all over and so I thought I would just add the girls.
    yeah hopefully, I wonder if Bungie is going to make another map pack for reach? but i still hsve to get the first two =P
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