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    Convention Game - Photo Challenge

    We're still missing some from CplYapFlip's phone/camera, but these were too good not to share Vancouver Fan Expo 2020 Participants: PerniciousDuke TurboCharizard CplYapFlip ArcSol SpecialK EirinnOCD Rinzlerr 43 Halo: A.I. in palm (perspective illusion) 3 Group Photo, Victory 52...
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    Questions on straps

    Sandwiching is good. Sandwiches are also good.
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    Questions on straps

    I know PerniciousDuke has a hard time gluing things to his pepakura suit. He used fiberglass though so all of his nylon straps are secured to the armor via little nuts and bolts. He uses two fenders washers on either side of the fabric for maximum support (also you need to heat the hole you make...
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    New recruit wondering where to start

    Foam can be tough to hold into tight compound curves. To avoid frustration you could do something less challenging than a helmet. Maybe just a boot cover to get some practice with the foam first. Either way good luck! and happy reading!
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    Convention Game - Photo Challenge

    I can start us off. This was a really fun game. We were given the photo challenges specifically from the Discord group, but all of the numbers are up there. #22, #85, #33, #24, #69, #66, #83 Jet City Comic Show October 25-26 ArcSol PerniciousDuke @ThomA293 Vanguard Gold CplYapFlip...
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    Forum Game - Caption This

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    Forum Game - Caption This

    TWO Bumblebee cosplays at one convention?!?! Cosplayer: CplYapFlip Photographer: TurboCharizard
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    Forum Game - Caption This

    The Master Chief traded me this Rocket Launcher with NO AMMO! :cry:
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    Andrew DFT EVA Foam ODST

    Sounds like you're on the right track! Keep up the good work.
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    Andrew DFT EVA Foam ODST

    Great progress! What's next? Black mats are hard to mark for cut lines, grey is a good medium.
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    Pacific Reg [wabat] (Tacoma, WA) - Jet City Comic Show 2019

    Yup, I'll be there to help with the booth and improve people's photos by adding more Halo.
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    Pepakura Help

    It will take longer than 30 minutes if you want to do it right, but I agree with Paiganboi, trying to use someone's computer for a little bit is all you need. Once you print the templates you don't really need the computer anymore (though it can be a challenge to figure out where all the pieces...
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    Foam Baby's first Spartan

    At least you remembered to post now! That's all that counts! Progress looks good. What do you have in mind for seam filling?
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    Post Outpost Blues (H5/Reach) - [UTC Friday 12:30am] {Pacific Time = 5:30pm}

    It's amazing. Think your normal cheap sweet chineese-american dish, but what it might taste like made authentically. Much more complex flavor profile than your run of the mill Chinese food.