Pacific Reg (Portland, OR) - Pride Festival '24

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405th Regiment Officer
Member DIN
Waterfront PRIDE Festival & Parade

Portland, Oregon
Tom McCall Waterfront Park
SW Naito Parkway between the Morrison Bridge and SW Ash st

Gate Entrances at SW Harvey Milk ST, SW Pine St, & SW Ash St

($10 Suggested Donation at Gate, encouraged but not required)

There is no designated parking for the festival. Paid parking is available nearby in private parking lots and on the street, but it is limited. There are also SmartPark garages throughout downtown, a list of locations is below.

W. First and Clay
Naito Parkway U-Park
W. First and Jefferson
W. Naito and Taylor
W. Naito and Harrison
W. 1st and Columbia
W. Naito and Jefferson
W. Fourth and Yamhill
W. Third and Alder

Waterfront Festival

July 20th 12pm - 8pm
July 21st 11:30am - 6pm

Pride Parade
July 21st Starts at 11am

Festival open and FREE for anyone - no tickets needed

Yes - # TBA

Booth volunteers and Parade participation currently only open to full members or pending RCO approval

Chat Room

Pre meet-up Armor Party to make your armor colorful
TBA - potentially the weekend before

Photo Drive
Shared Google Drive *make new folder with photographers name*


This is a really special event for us, ya'll. It has been awhile since the Pacific Regiment has had an Oregon presence, and we are trying to make this year one to remember. The 405th has always been a steadfast ally of all of our members, no matter their background. Our community strives to be a safe space where anyone can feel welcome.

We are partnering with the Autism Society of Oregon with an adjacent booth during the Waterfront Festival. While we will be operating autonomously from them, this is a big deal - they have trusted us to be professional and courteous while we are there and importantly, to help draw attention to their booth.

I know that we are always expected to be on our best behavior for events, but this time it is serious. We have the opportunity here to go and show our support for two groups that could really use it. This could also be a big step in a potential ongoing relationship with the Autism Society, who have expressed interest in having us participate in more events with them. Please help us make a good impression.

For the Parade, we will have approximately 25 slots available for those who want to participate in the walk. While I don't expect us to hit that limit, due to the large amount of attention on our group(s) we will be limiting these to full members (50/90) or those who have been approved by PerniciousDuke or myself. Reach out to us if you are interested. <SIGN UP SHEET for Parade Participation>

I will be updating this thread as new information becomes available.
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We will need Regiment members in costume and Regiment members as fabulous handlers during the parade. We will also need a non costumed Regiment member to work the booth during the parade.

If you'd like to participate and are not a Regiment member please message ArcSol or myself and we will let you know.

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