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    Noble Six Helmet in progress

    truly impressive!
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    REAL Iron Man/War Machine peps, 405th teamup!

    Hey Shark, I love all of your iron man work along with Zabana. I've got 2 plotters here if you need any help cutting all the Peps ;) Also have CNC and laser cutter access for some authentic bits & pieces. Sadly I'm a maya & C4D guy so not sure how much help I'd be with Pep at the moment, but...
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    Chocolate Master Chief :-)

    For some reason the first thing that came to mind was chocolate armor, but a Cadbury Chief is equally impressive!
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    Props CNC'ed halo reach rifle

    Ooh! Wow. Gotta hurry up and get my posts up already!
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    REAL Iron Man/War Machine peps, 405th teamup!

    Wow! Those look killer! Can't wait & thanks for sharing!
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    Matte Red Spray Paint...Does it exist?!

    Harbor Freight has some pretty cheap spray guns and you can rent a compressor from home depot or ask your local school's auto shop if you can borrow one to paint it up. Alsa Corp paints can get fairly pricey but they are very helpful with color matching and walking you through the paint process...
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    Noble Six Avatar Helmet Giveaway : o

    Wow! Thats really cool! I'd love it! Thanks for thinking of the 405th!!
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    Halo 3 Security Marathon helmet WIP(pic heavy)

    Impressive! The paint is flawless!
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    405th Challenge Coin anyone?

    I'd be up for 3 or 4 myself!
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    Geolocation Map for Members (With New Map Link)

    LA here. i can get the background to load in Firefox but thats all so far :(
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    Video screen in helmet help

    Your best bet would be to get the sun glass monitor screens that you wear. Then attach a pin hole camera to the center of your helmet then run the video out from the camera into the input of the glasses. if you really really want the HUD info on glasses or display its going to get very expensive...
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    Daft Punk W.I.P

    are you looking to create a fully programmable LED matrix?? if so, do you have any soldering skills and how big is the plexi visor you need to fill with LEDs??
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    Fan Film - Operation Chastity - 405Th Related Information

    let me know if you need any VFX or post help! I've worked at a few post houses and am freelance with way too much free time at the moment :) -justin
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    Props CNC'ed halo reach rifle

    ive got full access to the CNC and shop at USC and UCLA and never considered trying this until now! looks great!
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    Introduce Yourself

    Name: Justin Location: Hollyweird, CA Age: 27 Profession: VFX Artist & Animator (Have access to a CNC, plotter and large format printer at the shop :) Hobby: Snowboarding, street luge, stock class paintball & freestyle jet ski Favorite Game: Halo Food: Carl's Jr Movie: Braveheart & Tron Legacy