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    Warthog almost.

    Yea, that is the Peugot Hoggar which was never put into production. They also made the concept Quark which resembles a stylized mongoose.
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    Spartan Selfies!

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    Noob making Mark IV (Forward Unto Dawn) Master Chief Armor.

    Well I finished my armor for that convention and it came out just. okay. But after that I noticed all the flaws and used the files yall sent me to create some better details and redo the paint job, so thank you so much for those files. And a new (left) vs old (right) And improvements...
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    Help building Retractable ma37 stock

    You might try going to a sporting goods store and getting an Airsoft or BB gun collapsing stock and modify it. I'm currently making an SMG with a sliding stock and I used a slider rail for a drawer. Pics Below.
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    Noob making Mark IV (Forward Unto Dawn) Master Chief Armor.

    Thanks so much ! ! I'll definately be using these. I'm just trying to get it done right now with what I got (no job currently) I also have an event coming up that I need this suit for quickly and I've already added up the amount and this'll probably cost me $100 and 2-3 weeks of work total...
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    Noob making Mark IV (Forward Unto Dawn) Master Chief Armor.

    Thanks ! And yea, I'm gonna finish this one as soon as I can. I've done all this in the last week and today after posting this I made the other shoulder and arm and made some more detail things that I gotta take a pic of. And thanks for that link, It does help :D
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    Noob making Mark IV (Forward Unto Dawn) Master Chief Armor.

    Hello, this is my first time working with foam and I know I should probably have gone by a pattern but I couldn't find one but I'm making the Master Chief armor from Forward Unto Dawn. I am doing it visually (just looking at pics) so it's not perfect, and if anyone knows where to get the pep...
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    Of Armour and a Girl With a Violin

    I would gladly be in her video without getting paid. She is AWESOME and I got all her music.
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    Final Fantasy Cloud/Zack Buster Sword

    Just a project I'm working on for a friend's Birthday. I used Styrofoam and cut it to shape then sanded the edges, drilled some holes, and mounted a wooden dowel as the handle. will upload more pics when I find the SD card I took them on. Making the Hilt currently.
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    Introduce Yourself

    Name: Tanner Plunk Profession: Restoration and custom guitar building Age: 18 Hobby: building and playing guitars Favorite Halo: 4 reason it has a good story and dramatic sequences(ending) Favorite Game series: Halo, Assassins Creed, Metal Gear Solid, Zelda Movies: Transformers, StarWars...
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    Kanohi Miru (Bionicle Mask) - Life-size model

    That's amazing. It is making me wanna dig out my box of Bionicles and make a full suit.
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    Atrox's Mk VI build

    I bought that same visor off the internet. Did not turn out as gold as I wanted. Good job on the helmet.
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    Low Detail Styrofoam Halo 4 Master Chief Armor

    I bought a tinted visor off the internet. But of course it is not as gold as the picture......but it will work. you cannot see my eyes except in extreme light(sun or halogen)
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    Low Detail Styrofoam Halo 4 Master Chief Armor

    This is my first build. I bought some Styrofoam from Hobby Lobby. I took a wood carving rasp and started carving down. I cut the styrofoam and fixed it together with foam bonding agent and maze nails to hold it until it dried. Took some lightweight spackling and filled in the styrofoam until it...