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    "Help!" for: Electronics

    If I have two fans in my helmet, should I have one blowing in and one blowing out, both blowing in or both blowing out?
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    If you're still looking for a flag, I can help

    If you're still looking for a flag, I can help
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    Guess the Movie: Picture Game

    Ai city? Is that it?
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    Guess the Movie: Picture Game

    I think I found it. It's an old japanese film Ai shitî
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    Props FlyinPhil's fantastic thread of foamy weapon goodness- SAW is finished!!!

    The SAW is my favorite weapon! Can't wait to see it finished!
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    Canadian Reg. Roll Call

    Montreal, Qc Best city in Canada (Toronto and Vancouver, suck it up)
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    "Help!" for: Painting

    What does the ODST shoulder med patch look like up close and how can I paint it?
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    Halo 3 Hunter Pep Files: DOWNLOAD NOW!

    Wow! Awesome files! Too bad I'm 5'7 otherwise I'd build the [censored] out of that!
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    What do you read when you're not pepping

    Starship Troopers at the moment But I've recently picked up Let me off the top, Clockwork Orange and Halo cryptum so I'm looking foward to that
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    nobel 6 helmet and orbital amour for 2

    That's just the cutest spartan ever!
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    Halo on Xbox One

    Halo 2 anniversary would be a dream come true
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    Tracker Helmet WIP

    If I may suggest, you could maybe use tight mesh (as in a fencing mask) to do the part around the visor and see a little better
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    Xbox Live Halo TV Series

    I'm pretty much hyped for the whole thing Foward wasn't great put it still proved that a story in the Halo universe could be adapted in multiple episodes. I just hope it's live action because, even though I loved the stories in Legend the visuals were hortible when in anime (probably due tothe...
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    Tracker Helmet WIP

    You're actually doing it... How are you planning on seeing?