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  • Yeah I planned on it, probably either tomorrow evening or sunday I'll do a new unfold for the shin. Or... the next crappy weather day. (probably will be soon)
    Sure man, just got pep working last night before I went to bed. I'll post those parts tonight on the first page of my thread after I get home from work.
    I hear ya man. And yeah I know the helm is rough, it was my first 3d to pep model and I've learned a lot from building the other parts. I plan on tweaking the helmet file and simplifying it, someday.

    But I like having a balance between having simplicity and detail.
    I used my own forearm model. It's on the first page, under Zero202's file link. It's in a batch with some other pep files though.
    No problem!

    I don't know how experienced you are with casting, but when I did my cast the vents on the far sides gave me some trouble. You may want to cut them off your base and cast them separately for a cleaner pull.

    Looking forward to seeing more of your work!
    If you plan on wearing the helm then you should probably look into just resin and fiberglass cloth.

    -or if you have the $$ you can use smoothcast 320
    Thanks :)

    Yeah that is the major drawback to 'block' style pepping. Using rondo is a big pain. I suggest planning out batches for each area. I believe I used 5 different batches to cover the inside of the helm in about this order:
    *Left Side
    *Right Side
    Though if you are planning on wearing and not casting, be careful you don't make the rondo too thick. I wasn't worried about the weight because I knew I'd be casting.

    Also, great job! I guess you and I are the only two that have finished the build lol :p
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