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  • Found some halo elite files on my old wix website, but I still have to download them. I'm gonna make a public space in my Dropbox, so all of you can enjoy it! It will be done in the weekend, so for those who want it fast, please be patient.
    Hey everybody. I'm back after being away for more than a year. I will probably not start any new projects yet since I'm really busy (school), but I will gather lots of files for the community.

    Claudius L.E. Over and out
    Sarge: Shoot those Elites with your shotgun marine.
    Marine: Sarge, a shotgun in the face is not a continiouncy plan!
    This is a message to all elite costume builders. We are sick of being laughed out by the spartans about are costumes and that they think that it is worthless. We are sick of the growing population of spartans. We will stand and fight for our rights! As long as halo exist, i will stand and fight against the deamons who stand in our way. Join me, and we will begin a new Great Journey! Send friend requests to me and other elites, and together we'll make an army, that will makethose spartans tremble and shiver! We will be " The Golden Shangheili Clan" and we will fight and make costumes, untill we have our salvation! To nobility, dignity, and brotherhood!!!

    WOO WOOT WOOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Thats weard, because next to the pic there are two links, one a normal link, and one a mirror. Hmm, have you tried the 405th halo armor archive? Bunch of armor there!

    the halo costume wiki wont let me download them theres no link to download them i tryed that already
    Uhh, Sarge?
    Yes private, what is it.
    Why are doggies killing our men?
    Doggies? Where?! What are youwhaoow fire your weapon private!! Elites in bound!

    I'm starting my first real halo reach pepakura project! I decided to make an elite ultra. I found a few files, so I started yesterday.

    First part: the Ultra's helmet. WOOT
    Took a while to find it, but got it now! It's the right scale, so no need to scale.
    Took me 4 hours to build, while eating cake :).
    It looks really good! i will post some pics tomorrow!.
    Hi i'm new here. I am gonna make some reach armor, so i tought it would be fun to join the 405th forum. posts are welcome!
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