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    Help Downloading Halo Soundtracks

    what kind of websites can I find to download all halo songs for free
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    Halo 3 Armor Help!

    i can unfold it myself, i need others to design it. i don't know how to design stuff. im kind of new to this pepakura stuff.
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    Halo 3 Armor Help!

    thanks but it needs to be a pdo file. i just downloaded it but i cant find anything to open it with.
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    Halo 3 Armor Help!

    but i cant save anything on designer. its unregistered. and i don't have the money to get it registered thats why i need someone else to do it. and nobody i know has or ever heard of pepakura designer or viewer. i don't even know how to design stuff. i was thinking of building my own type of...
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    Halo 3 Armor Help!

    i need someone to make just the back part of the torso of the halo 3 armor. i made the recon chest already but i want the back to go with it.
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    Dmc4 Weapons

    i want the Lucifer from DMC4 and that's pretty much it. if no one can find it, then i need someone to design it. i will unfold. i don't know woh to design let alone that the designer that i have is unregistered. so i can print it once i unfold. thx [attachment=13617:LuciferWeaponCloseUp.jpg]...
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    Rainbow Six Vegas Guns

    can anyone help me find some pdo files over the guns from RS vegas 2? the main ones im looking for is the FAMAS and some of the light machine guns. if there aren't any files, then can someone design them? i will gladly unfold them.
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    Weapon Prop Help!

    i need some one to help make the ebony and ivory guns from Devil May Cry 4. i have looked all over the other websites for the pdo files of these 2 guns. i am not very good with pepakura designer 3 (not to mention that it is unregistered. and i don't have the money to register it and my dad or...