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    Feedback for Hyokenseisou from recent purchase: I recently bid on and won 3 items from Hyo on...

    Feedback for Hyokenseisou from recent purchase: I recently bid on and won 3 items from Hyo on her auction for HaloFest swag. The items include a Grunt plushie, MegaBloks warthog exclusive HaloFest set, and a Halo Legends Cortana poster. All items were in superb condition, especially the Grunt...
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    You've Gotta love his enthusiasm!

    I kinda figured it out after his second post. Not to mention the name was just too obvious. Thank you for contacting Walter. :)
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    You've Gotta love his enthusiasm!

    Really? Cause this looks like a threat to me..
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    You've Gotta love his enthusiasm!

    That still DOES NOT justify making threats to someone over a damn argument that happened almost a year ago. Not to mention just being an overall immature child at the drop of a hat whenever someone calls you out on something that you know you did wrong. Also, I know it's you, Kegan.
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    You've Gotta love his enthusiasm!

    This. And as I said, I tried to be sympathetic to him, I know he has a ton of mental issues, but lashing out and attacking people the way he has been doesn't do well for his case. And like tuba said, he doesn't need Halo, he needs serious help. You can't get therapy from a video game.
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    You've Gotta love his enthusiasm!

    I wouldn't believe everything that Kegan tells you. That kid is VERY good at playing the victim card when necessary. And this is the first time I ever heard anything about his family being held "hostage". As far as him not having any friends in school, considering his attitude that I have...
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    You've Gotta love his enthusiasm!

    Basically trash talked at everyone playing, that he was better than all of us. He wouldn't shut up when people were trying to plan attacks and/or just try and chat, and he would shield tap and occasionally betray for power weapons. But if I were to pick the one that was the worst was the trash...
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    You've Gotta love his enthusiasm!

    There are no half-truths here. And for the record, I never "harassed" rvb18. In fact, I was constantly bringing up his defense, despite his horrid attitude on LIVE.
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    You've Gotta love his enthusiasm!

    Oh don't worry, we don't plan on doing anything to him, aside from reporting him to the GenCon staff, with the screencap as proof. I highly doubt he is stupid enough to actually try anything, but I know better than to dismiss it.
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    You've Gotta love his enthusiasm!

    Hey Prime-D, maybe you should get the facts straight. Kegan was starting fights with my fiance on xBox LIVE, something I KNOW that a few other members can attest to since he has attacked them on numerous occasions. I tried to keep the peace and be understanding towards his situation, but he just...
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    Cortana Costume

    OMG, how did I not notice this before?! You did an incredible job, it turned out so beautiful! And I LOVELOVELOVE your wig, the style is so cute and sporty!
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    I LOLD: Duck Tape Tron

    The older man looks like LeeKegan! XD
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    Human Preservation Project discussion (Halo 4 ARG)

    This sounds A LOT like the ARG Bungie did for Halo 2. I'm really thinking this has nothing to do with Halo 4, and everything to do with Bungie's new mystery game. Anyone who is curious about the Hal2 ARG, look it up and you will see a lot of similarities. This reeks of Bungie and their...
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    My Cortana Costume - *FINISHED! START ON pg5

    Very nice! I love the shades of colors and shadows yours has, it gives it so much more depth. And the glitter is a really nice touch! Haha, I bought the same exact shoes for my Cortana 3.0 a few months back, 'cept mine have ankle straps, and blue LEDs inside, so they'll light up when I walk! :D...
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    M45 Tactical Shotgun Second Version [Image Heavy]

    I'm still in shock as to how awesome this is turning out. Compared to your first build of this shotgun, this one blows it out of the water! :D