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    (Tutorial)Snap Fasteners. Seamless armor to under-suit attachment, with no sewing!

    That's how mine was made, I fiberglassed the buttons on to the shell, and the shells snap to the soft armor.
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    What is this paint finish called?

    It is very hard to get an even coat of candy paint with an airbrush because it's translucent. Each new layer will darken the previous layer. Using an airbrush for big areas will most likely end up with streaks. You need a hvlp gun.
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    - Hall of Honor - Post Pics of your finished armor/weapons

    Some dude took a nice picture of me last Halloween.. Not sure if I posted here or not, but the picture is new :) And with a buddy of mine, same party.
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    New armor.. Sooner or later it had to happen, right?

    Halo 4 armor project canned.
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    So Someone Emails Me Asking For Brs And Magnums

    I figured I should at least post a conclusion to this last trap. Turns out it wasn't. Because of legal issues, they asked me if I could modify the suit so it didn't look like master chief. Long story short, it didn't work out so they went with this instead...
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    New armor.. Sooner or later it had to happen, right?

    Thanks!! I'm trying to get as much detail out of the available reference as possible.. See?
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    New armor.. Sooner or later it had to happen, right?

    Mat board. And no pep, I'm old school ^_^
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    New armor.. Sooner or later it had to happen, right?

    Someone asked me if I was even planing on doing this, and honestly, I wasn't at first. But then I started thinking, I should get back in the game for old time sake. So yeah, Halo 4 armor. Same method as the original, just with half a ton more details.. See you all in November :P Chris
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    New Chest Piece Method?

    Major WOOT for the plug!!. :)
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    CEREAL'S - Mk VI Comprehensive WIP **(With Videos)**

    Awesome details I don't know if its still around here but when I built my helmet, I made a little tutorial on some mold pieces I made for all the negative details. It would really help you here on making the "valley" details in your build. It works like a stamp, a positive piece covered in...
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    Game development stuff :) new concept and stuff

    I don't know exactly why but for the most part, I still find painting bump maps to be faster than creating a normal. :)
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    Props Who You Going To Call Ghostbusters !

    Go to and you'll find lots on info..
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    Bluerealm Studios Halo 4 Master Chief Suit

    Looks great and you guys did an awesome job, but I just can't like the new suit design.. Just can't quite pinpoint it. It just feels different. I know... Evangelion.. Haha!
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    My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

    Then offer them a cupcake! Pony4evar