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    Transformers Files?

    Okey Dokey. All the files for Optimus have been updated, unfolded, and posted to my site. Keep in mind that I scaled them for myself and they have been modded for foam building. If however you are going to use the classic method of building, all the pieces are...
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    Transformers Files?

    Thought You all should know that I have updated the website where I keep my Optimus Files. However I have updated the individual files as well. But I'm not quite finished. I have a few more adjustments to make to the head and it will be uploaded. So, please be patient with me and enjoy the files...
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    Transformers Files?

    Thanks Ral Partha glad to help out.
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    Transformers Files?

    So here's the deal. I used Google Sketch-up and did Pepakura to do some fancy 3d model work and I made models for Optimus Prime Gen 1. They are available for download at (Like on Facebook). I even made a file for the rifle the Optimus carried in the cartoon...
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    Transformers Files?

    I haven't found any ready made files yet, but I am working on a gen1 optimus prime head / helmet.
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    Pepakura Download Database

    I'm not sure if this is in the forum or not and if its sorry. But I was wondering if anybody out there would have pep files for the Golden Fleece that I Kratos wears on his right arm in God Of War III. I already have the blades but I really need the fleece in order to make the costume work. Its...
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    Noobs Afraid of Fiberglass.

    I'm not a noob but there many out there. Many who are afraid using fiberglass to build their armor. Just wondering if anybody has tried using some sort of alternative. I mean something that could be sprayed on like Bed liner or something like that. I just watched a mythbusters :coolepisode that...
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    Optimus Prime Pep File

    For anybody who would like to Build a full sized Optimus Prime mask open the attachment below. You may have to rescale it but its all unfolded and ready for someone to build it. I'd like to see any progress on this one since its so badass.
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    Superglue Superglue Superglue :p

    Try Gasoline. It works trust me. just don't use by open flame. Also you could try paint thinner.
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    Official pepakura scaling thread

    Hey everybody, I don't know about you but I realized after making both a fore arm and bicep-shoulder pieces and using the previous formula for scaling my pieces come out HUGE!!! :mad: Anyway I took some time to figure out my own scaling formula and it worked like a charm. Give it a try yourself...
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    crackhead09's Pepakura Tutorial

    I thought it was a great video. very helpful and I'm glad I found out you can use regular Elmars glue.
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    Glueing The Pepfiles

    Yeah I was just wondering what kind of glue i should use for my pep files. I used a glue stick on my assault rifle, then I saw a video on youtube that said glue sticks weren't the right thing to use. What should I use that will hold up against the fiberglass resin? Help. Help. Help. Help.
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    Official pepakura scaling thread

    I didn't scale my helmet but I think that if I had it wouldn't even fit. right now I'm just at the pep stage, and its my first try at doing anything like this.
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    Introduce Yourself

    Name: Dan Job: Student of Heating and Air Coditioning Age: 21 Hometown: Ashtabula, ohio Hobbies: Video games, Paintball, Movies, Modding My Paintball Equipment Favorite Game: God Of War Series, Cod4 ( the p90 rules) Favorite Movie: Shooter, IronMan, Kelly's Heroes, X-men Series Music: Thru...