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    Alternatives to Resin
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    im at a stand still

    well i got the measurements so i got that resloved the helms now 14 inches wide as she sent more accurate measurements so the helm will be 14 wide 16 tall i'll start a build log for it later on in the day
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    im at a stand still

    thanks for the advise ive been doing some work on that matter and firgured that the middle of your head is about 2 or 3 inches wider then that so half of 26 is 13 add a few inches for padding so 15. and i really cant do that as the person is half way around the country so i asked her to re...
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    im at a stand still

    its been a while since i posted here but im at a stand still. im making a helm for someone and they gave me a measurement of there head at there crown at 24 inches will this measurement work to scale a mark 6 helm
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    AVG users BEWARE!

    does this also affect avg internet security
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    Are you happy?

    im happy because i got my bloodsucking ex off my back.
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    First kick at the cat...

    let me be the 1st to welcome you to the forums. nice start on the helm there do be careful as 65lb tends to warp more then 110. good luck with your build and may you be successful with your project
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    How many completed halo costumes on the 405th?

    im working on a new one 11
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    i feel stupid for doing this

    shes not really a high school sweet heart as i never have been in high school home schooled most my life. and it has been over a year since but what bothers me shes been with like 3 guys and not one person man or women has even looked at me
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    i feel stupid for doing this

    thanks for the advise guys. this can be locked or deleted i just needed to get this off my chest. i do try to move on but this stupid women trys to be my best friend id rather be best frineds with a lion on speed
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    i feel stupid for doing this

    lately i've been in quite a funk. my ex who i still love has no interest in me but i belive shes the one for me. but she doesnt even listen i tell her and she just changes the subject. im at my wits end i try to move one but my mind wont let me. i know its stupid to post this here. but i needed...
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    my current and past builds

    the pic of the full suit is my last version so its all pep and fiber glass witch got almost destroyed this Halloween . my next is most likey going to be just the cod and thighs and and most of my stuff is not battle damaged but worn to look like its been it battle. and im not a small man im...
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    my current and past builds

    hello every one i may not post here often. since ive been here over a year and haven't really shown my work off. so I'd show my last suit and my current rebuild 1st of my fav pic of my helm now my suit in its glory and since i believe videos are easier to show what your doing and easier to...
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    ipod screen

    this may not be the best place to put this but does anyone have access to ipod touch screens the one on mine broke so its no longer a touch just a paper weight. id be willing to trade services if i can get a hold of a replacement screen
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    A request above all requests

    if we could find detailed pics of then we might have a chance