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    1st Build Biskt's Halo Infinite Chief Build

    oh my this looks fantastic :love: Looking forward to the progress !
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    HOD Philadelphia Photos

    I needed these pics in my life :love::love::love::love::love::love::love::love::love::love:
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    Montreal Gang: current and future members

    With lockdown restrictions easing up, the MTL bois got together for the second armor party of 2020!
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    Halo Infinite Master Chief helmet hype build

    Sorry mate, I don't sell my files. I'll only be offering casts once it's ready Meanwhile CyberBen and Zachary have been hard at work, almost ready for me to start molding!
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    Montreal Gang: current and future members

    Got good news and bad news. Good news is D3LTA has made it in the Canadian Regiment! Kyle has a lot of projects coming up in the next year and we're really excited to them come to life! "took you long enough" ;) :lol: Bad news is Montreal Comiccon has been cancelled this year due to Covid-19...
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    Regiment membership - please all read

    Took you long enough xD
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    WIP Foam MK V Build

    Mark V meet-up next fan expo! Whenever that is :lol::cry:
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    Mjolnir MK V: Combat Evolved Style

    Mark V Master Race!
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    vacuum forming services?

    Honeslty the biggest expense will probably be shipping it here to Canada. Search Johnsonarmprops on facebook or insta, you'll probably save more money keeping this in the US :)
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    vacuum forming services?

    I mean, I caaaaaaaan, but it would be a lot of expenses for just the one visor. I suggest looking into making your own small former, it's actually not complicated !
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    Halo Infinite Master Chief helmet hype build

    Version 2.5 is now printed! Had some printer trouble, so this took a lot longer than it should of, but at least this stage is done
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    Halo 3 Spartan Laser (3D Printing)

    My favourite spartan laser :love:
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    Halo Infinite Master Chief helmet hype build

    Say hello to the Infinite v2! Pretty much the same besides a few cosmetic changes and separated what's in black for resin printing Edit *sigh* just noticed the side lights should be a bit bigger... I swear this will be the last edit xD So close xD
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    AIE-486H Heavy Machine Gun build (Halo 3 turret)

    Surprise, this project isn't dead just yet! With everyone I know making to scale turrets, I decided I had to up my game! I'm going to use the same concept as the build above, but just make it bigger. Here's my current progress on the model: Also made a rough draft of the shields More to come...
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    Halo Infinite Master Chief helmet hype build

    Little update: with the official merchandise reveal, we decided to make a few edits to the model and scale in down from the last print, as it came out a tad too big :cry::lol: I'm also happy to announce CyberBen is joining in the team to bring this helmet to life! More updates coming soon!