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  • great do ODST and i can give you a few pointers on it too ODST is my specialty and if you want i may be able to help you get that armor paintball worthy its a little pricy but the end result looks great and leaves a hell of a lot less welts on you when you are out on the paintball field...that and it makes you look like a badass xD
    haha well i may not have the hammer file but i have a few friends that do but other than that just check the threads and ask around i just got a few new ODST files from a few of the fellow hell jumpers they always seem to be there for another ODST lol
    well i might get the chance to go this year all i got to do is hurry up and build a suit and get a ticket and my bud will let me tag allong
    ok i will give it a try when i get the chance bro but other thanthat as for resining i highly sugest that you resin each piece as you go so the it doesnt pile up and to work carefully resin burns like a b**** especially when you get it all over your pants lol an das for fiber glass make 1 inch by 1 ince squares it may take a while but it will make the inside less sharp and jagged and as for the bondo mix up very little amounts and go over each individual polygon not a big area i made that mistake sooo many times if you have any more queations feel free to send me a message or e-mail me at
    yeah i have a facebook Im Alex Ross i live i Iowa and go to Griswold High if it helps narrow your search and i would be more than happy to take a look at your armor and give you advise when needed
    dude no problemo i am 16 but i will give it a look but the best way to do that would most likely be to find several pictures of the scout chest and try to scratch build it but other than thiat i havent seen many files for it around the web i have found the helm and the sholders but oddly enough not the chest your best bet is to use the pepakura file index wiki just type that into google's search brouser and it will come up hopefully. but other than that you dont need to aplologize for your many questions. you will never find answers if you dont ask someone besides i enjoy helping people with stuff i have been doing this for like what almost 3 years now so feel free to ask me questions but other than that i will scour the net and try to get you a link for the download
    i guess a light saber would be possible if you were looking for just the hilt i am sure that there are thousands of downloads but as for the blade it would have to be made out of a transparent tube and a high powered LED of your desired color in the hilt but other than that to be honest the technology needed to actually make a light saber is actually here but the downside is that it is literally the size of two full sized warehouses and it would be a hassle having to carry around that much crap for a lightsaber with a blade that is only a few inches long. but all in all i know that there are plenty of hilt designs online all you have to do is look a LOT!! it took me forever to just find the backpack for rookie for ODST but there is a site that may be able to help you it is the 501st that site specializes in everything star wars if you have any more questions or need advise or tip feel free to ask i would be more that happy to help out another member or anyone that needs the extra help
    Hello to all that read this message!!!

    I'm 51 Kurt! My user name comes from my halo 3 spartan number 51 which is also the number of Kurt in the Halo book ghost's of onyx! I'm a Mormon and i love to work on Halo 3 scout Armour I love it so much all though my files won't print. XD So thats me and welcome!

    51 Kurt
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making halo Armour mostly helmets though
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