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    Halo Knomes [New pictures on pag 5]

    These are going to be cool..... 50th post yay
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    Armor Scale Drawings

    I have been using these scale drawings on this thread to make some parts of my armor. So thanks for the side handed help.
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    my 2 SMGs

    SMG's ?
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    ODST nerf weapons/dogtag

    those guns and tags were seriously sweet
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    S2 AM Sniper Rifle (In progress.)

    This sniper is going to be sweet
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    Props Assault Rifle Pellet gun

    This would be awsome
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    Blue Team chat-prepare for the 405th!

    I definitly am joining up if this comes to be. Spartan 064 reporting for duty
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    Cool things in Room-Post your own! I Eat 56kr's...

    I have 6 guitars, Half a recording studio, artist table, New PowerBook by Apple fully loaded, a collection of games, a collection of CDs by me as the recording artist, a collection of games, animations, character designs, concepts. and my paintings all around my room.
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    I'm a musician, who has an up and coming record. I am currentley signed to a record company. One of my guilty pleasures is when I play the Internet Shop, whitch is a club, I play the halo theme on my guitar. Next time I will play it once for you boys. I plan to become big. I also am an artist. I...
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    Xbox Live Gamer Tags

    Foxtrott Alpha
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    I can't post any pictures, because it is in a store, and my bro told me about it.
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    I found a found a go kart that I am going to use
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    that warthog kicked soooo much ass
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    what else should I use instead of a pocket bike. I think that a golf cart may be too wide, because ghosts only have one seat, golf carts have two