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    LMAO this lady is crazy

    hahaha I love the comments on the bottom "They peed on her?" :rofl:
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    Teaser of My AR - First Pic

    awesome!!! hey if you really hate it that much, I'd be happy to take it off your hands, free of charge ;-)
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    plaster cloth

    check out my thread, it's not armor but it's a combat knife (work in progress :mrgreen: )
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    plaster cloth

    yes to all questions. it is a good method if you don't want to take the leap to fiberglass just yet
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    You know what would be freakin' awesome?!

    they probably ask each other for backup through aim :roll: anyways, as for templates, do you want pepakura files? or do want something you can trace onto cardboard and piece together? for pepakura files, check out this thread: . As for...
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    My Armor (in progress)

    cool, looking good so far, it's got a different shape than most but that just makes it cooler :thumbsup:
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    My Helmet project

    bondo is an automotive filler, which most of us here use to fill in and add detail to our armor. You don't necessarily brush it on, you more slap it on and shape it, and from what I've seen it dries somewhat like clay. For similar questions please refer to the search button at the top of the...
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    HOLY CRAP that was the funniest thing I've seen today! Thank you for that! "I've got balls of steel-teel-teel-teel. I've got balls of-got balls-balls-balls...." HAHAHA :rofl: "you've just been uh banned from the vent server an - BLOW IT OUT YOUR ASS"
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    piss off >.<

    i've seen those too, i always laugh quietly to myself when i see them "click now to receive your free copy of halo 3 and limited edition halo 3 xbox!" :reporter:
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    only admins can do that (i use to be one in another forum), they just go to their top secret control board, find your name, and type in a new one! they can change your name to cheesecake1905 if they wanted to, just for fun, plus keep all previous posts :thumbsup:
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    Cortana Scary Maze Game.

    a better helmetless chief, lit up this time:
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    Halo 300

    i saw that on youtube and thought is was awesome, video was perfectly lined up with the audio and he/she selected the perfect clips
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    UnDed's Project (56ks beware) *Update x4* New Pics page 3

    good job! looking forward to seeing it done :thumbsup:
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    yet another person starting ODST

    cool man, can't wait to see it finished
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    August EGM article leak... SPOILERS!

    wow i found some amazing pictures of all the new weapons and stuff that no one's ever seen before! I'll post them on september 25th :mrgreen: just kidding.... thanks for all the pictures though, the mauler looks awesome