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    How to rank up on the forum?

    Trasmut, read the post from Art again.
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    How can we make the 405th great?

    In my opinion, deleting old threads is a bad idea. I started researching old threads when deciding to do the armor from Halo CE. Posts 3-4 years old were invaluable for research. Besides a lot of the old posts still have relevant information and file links that did not make it in the database...
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    Help building Retractable ma37 stock

    Thrift stores or local hospitals are a good place to find old crutches or canes. Cutting out the adjustable tube part and epoxying into the stock should work.
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    "Help!" for: Fiberglassing, Resin, & Bondo

    You might want to try using Mod Podge as a sealer instead of acrylic spray. Mod Podge brushes on instead of spraying, but can be washed off the brush with soap and water. It is water based so make the first few coats very light to avoid warping the cardstock. If sticking with acrylic sealer then...
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    First Post - Star Wars Stomtrooper Helmet

    Early Happy Birthday, good luck on finals, and love the PipBoy picture!
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    "Help!" for: Fiberglassing, Resin, & Bondo

    What are you using for glue? Being water based I wouldn't think it would dissolve any glue types. That might be from the Krylon acrylic spray. Are you doing the ratio based on weight or volume? Also what part is powder and which is liquid? I have been experimenting with Aqua-Resin in my Mark...
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    First Post - Star Wars Stomtrooper Helmet

    I would suggest watching the videos by Cereal Kill3r Studios on YouTube and his build in the elite section here on the 405th. In them he talks about using a rasp to grind down the sharp pep edges for areas needing to be smoothed. Another thing he suggests is putting super glue on the paper edges...
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    HALOSPRTAN's Master chief Halo 4 suit WIP *First Build*

    After the build is over, I would be really interested to learn your techniques for Aqua-Resin. For the bondo issue you could try aqua resin also. My attempts are at the end of the Mark V build linked below.
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    Skyrim Glass Dagger build

    That is one impressive test piece. I hope my final stuff looks as good as your test pieces lol.
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    HALOSPRTAN's Master chief Halo 4 suit WIP *First Build*

    I don't see the warping issue after completion. Looks good. Nice job.
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    Nephtis Projects

    The weathering is great. It really brings the pieces to life. The bone looks pretty good considering the flash effect.
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    Sandbagger's Iron Man builds - Now in STEEL.

    That's a pretty good paint job. Not a run to be found. Was it paint can or airbrush?
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    Aztlan's Halo 4 Rogue + Binary Rifle + M6H + Exo-suit WIP, PIC HEAVY!

    I wouldn't think condensing tips and tutorials in a thread would fit the intent of that rule. Guess you're right, that will be a mods call.
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    Ryno's Halo Mark VII Team Stealth MJOLNIR Prototype "son's helmet"

    The second attempt looks great. A lot more definition of the different pieces.
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    Aztlan's Halo 4 Rogue + Binary Rifle + M6H + Exo-suit WIP, PIC HEAVY!

    Where did you see duplicating content, especially for a all in one sticky type post, is against the rules? I just looked through all the forum rules I could find and nothing about duplicating content was mentioned.