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  • I appreciate your input on my builds! It's nice to know SOMEONE is watching! :D My threads get pretty dead a lot of the time. *shrugs*
    Good luck on your builds!
    Bounty: Thanks for the offer but I'm doing this as my own kind of project right now. I have done other costumes before so I have a good sense of what to do. But thanks for the offer!

    zXTOKENXz: Just pick a version you like the best, and get as many reference pictures as you can. It also helps to get a model kit of the Gundam you are doing so you have something tangeable and can look at the different angles. And lastly, don't be afraid to just dive right in and just go for it. I built two helmets that I gave up on before I got the one in the pictures. Its just a trial and error process because there is no templates. There is a lot of good information out there on the internet about building mech costumes as well. Just start going for it and have fun!!

    Gundam Loki
    if u live in the usa give me a call some time casue i made the rx 78 and i can help u if u want my name is kc aND IM 18 269 323 9227 im NEVER online so i get to be onuce in a blue moon for printing from my bros house but other then that yah cant wait to hear from u
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