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  • Dude, my kriffing hard drive crashed on my laptop today out of no where! I plugged in my ipod, went to donate plasma, came back and it had the black screen of death. Thankfully, it's barely under warranty still, so it will get replaced some time this week, but I just wanted to let you know in case you don't hear much from me here on the forums for a couple days. Just wanted to say that I should have the money for that helmet two weeks from Thursday, which will be the 27th. Was there anything else you needed from me for that build? Oh, and quick question. I've never had fans in a helmet before, which I'm really looking forward to now, but will they interfere at all with my voice amp or walkie talkie mic ya think? If they aren't very loud, then it should be fine, but I was just curious what you thought.
    yeah man I can get enough foam for that real cheap, just send me what measurements you need and I'll cut them out for you
    all good man just send me a message whenever they're open, supposed to get 4 inches of snow in dfw lol
    Hey Knight,

    Thanks man, and yeah all of the ODST helmet addons have matching scales to the default V2 helmet. So if you import the Dutch .pdo into the helmet file you can scale everything together and it should fit perfectly.

    Good luck man and let me know when you get it built!
    Yo could you tell me if the links to my photos on my recent blog work? Cause i really need some feedback on my noble six helmet
    <<<<<< this pic over here is a few years old my hair is short now and i still look the same lol But thats not why u are reading this im herer for the space marines they sent to help them make some ummm SUITS for something big coming up cant really say but im 18 and 5'9 kinda short lol but im herer to have fun and make new friends
    Hey, I've not actually made a full EVA helm yet, I'm still working out exactly how to go about it. I suspect it'd be pretty expensive, especially if I need to ship it to the US from the UK
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