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    SRS99D Sniper Rifle Model

    Wow dude thats magnificent. Must have taken you awhile :D, thanx for the download.
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    Need more help -.-

    Do I really have to use Bondo? What does it do and how do I use Bondo if I really do need it?
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    Which carstock paper to use.

    Well I saw tan cardstock paper at Staples which is 25lb. Is that good enough? Sorry for the load of questions I've been posting, but i didnt seem to find information about cardstock in the search forums or any FAQS/TUTS. Ty :D
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    Need more help -.-

    thanks, but won't the large amount of resin inside covering the fiberglass like droop to the bottom or something? And if it does you have any tips on how to stop that?
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    Need more help -.-

    Ok thats like the first answer I got that I understand, thanks. So I use a hot glue gun to put the fiberglass sheets on the inside and paint after i got the resin+liquid hardener on the outside?
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    Need more help -.-

    Ok people say to use pepakura and cardstock after i already used cardboard so now i have to switch. After i get the cardstock put together should i put the on the resin then the fiberglass over the resin before i paint it? This is only for the helmet not for the rest of the body or weapons...
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    Pepakura Help

    Orijtega please use correct punctuation cause I have no idea what your talking about and you haven't answered my question about why do I need fiberglass, where do I put it, and how to put it on. Cheech if you could give me some links it would be very helpful because I couldn't find any other...
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    Pepakura Help

    Ok people have told me to use Pepakura to make my MC helmet. I resized them from what the FAQ says and not sure what to do next.I cut them out and glued them to cardboard. After that, I have peices of cardboard to glue together, but i have have no idea which side to glue or how to put them...
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    Help or Tips with Building Halo2 MC armor

    Please don't flame me for not knowing -.-. I have searched google etc for printable templates and instructions on how to put cardboard together to make the whole suit. I got nothing. So if someone could guide me on how to make a sturdy MC armor ( and guns like the BR or Smg). Also if anyone knew...