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  • I was bowsing your post and wanted to comment on you armor- it looks amazing! I was curious about more of your build process as I am not used to using foam but more ABS than anything else.

    Thank you Sir, you have set the standard HIGH indeed

    your inbox states that it is full but this is what i was gonna send via PM

    No problem. I hope it helps you out. is there another scout file like yours? i would like to add that too my next build. i am currently working on the locus helmet by satchmo. I finished my warrior helmet which was satchmos too and will be molding and casting it by the beginning of next week I am hoping. But your scout build is amazing and I would love to take a swing at that.
    Cool to see you live so close. I live in vero beach. Maybe a few of us could get together sometime and help each other out or maybe just go on a spartan escapade through melbourne
    the suit looked amazing at Dcon it was great meeting you in person, ant BTW thans for NOT bringing the grav hammer..lol the rail gun was beastly heavy enough besides your 10lb magnums :p
    Hey Jim, it's the desert ODST from FSC 2012. I didn't see you after the contest or anything, so I just wanted to say congratulations to you both for winning the Father/Son award in the costume contest. Your stuff looked really great.
    Hi man,sorry,im noob molding in foam,and im trying,im from mexico,maybe you can help me whit some tips to mold like u the h4 armor,man your work its awesome!!!!!!!
    Can u help me plz????????
    Yea, there are actually quite a few of us Hyperbalistick and Blackula I know are on this forum live a few hours away And most of the people are either up by Orlando or beyond or below us, you're the first person so far that's actually a quick drive away.
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