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  • Sir you are awesome! I have been here for a while but I have been largely absent due to my work, but now I have returned to help others and I have to hand it to you for being yet another inspiration for me to continue working on my project as well. Thank you for sharing your awesomeness with the rest of us and keep having fun!
    Hey longshot! I'm new here but just read over your thread and it's quite amazing. I feel like I'm two years behind the big halo surg as a lot of posts are from '10 but hopefully with H4 things will renew. To the point, have you or are you going to work on a "cortana" this has got to be by far what fascinates me the most being a tech officianato like you. I think the netbook might be little much to put into some armor but perhaps us a raspberryPi board with memory to run an app? I would like to know if you're going to venture into this anymore and make something of it I've got loads of ideas they're all just going to take time for me. I do however plan on making a Jun scout helmet from Halo: Reach and mounting a camera into the bill, use a motorcycle intercom system that I can Bluetooth to my iPhone as well as a recon instruments live mod HUD for the cool factor among other things and power them from a series of batteries ^_^ hope that sparks your interest a bit let me know.
    Hey Longshot, Polythemus here. I just wanted to personally invite you back to my thread :) I have just finished my newest progress update and you're mentioned a few times! I hope to see you back on my thread.
    Aye longshot, one more question. Whered you buy uour spot putty and what brand is it. Ive got everything else put that. If i cant find any ill just use bondo to fill up the holes. Cheers
    Yeh man that does aye. Ive been doing the same resin steps. But rondoed the inside and outside. Both fairly lightly. But the bondo sorta thick. Gone through bout a kilo of bondo on one or two pieces and it didnt seem right. Aiight i better start sanding it all down. Cheers man
    Ok. Ive been doing it in this order
    Resin x2 then cloth the inside only x2 to 4
    Resin x2 on outside
    Rondo inside
    Light rondo or bondo on outside.
    Then. Saning n painting.
    My question is If im light on the outside will it be alright or have you just been very sparing with ur rondo or bondo on the outside? A picture of ur helmet and chest bondod would be awesome just prior to painting. Ive been lookin for four days but cant find any? Suits. Looking great to man
    Aye dude. I never saw if you glassed the inside or the outside as well. Ive done three or four in one helmet and was wonderin if ya do the outside to
    Hey Longshot, your armor's quite impressive. Do you mind if I ask what you used for the under suit and LEDs? Those lights are pretty wicked sweet.
    The decals were always part of the plan, I just did not know "what" to say or display. The "I made this" was one of the few things that I did want to say. I have it in two places on the suit and I'm thinking of adding a few more in other areas, as I am STILL getting asked "Where did you get that?" "How much did you pay to get it?" "How can I get one?" Its constant and never ends. LOVE IT!

    Making the decals was easy. I did some research and found the color codes for the paint that I used and simply printed the text out on "Sticker Paper" Then applied the sticker to the location on the armor... DONE.
    You can find sticker paper at Staples and other paper/office depots.

    Its easy to add and remove them as I see fit. Works great for advertising and announcements.
    So when did you decide to put the "i made this" and other decals on your suit? I didn't realize that si many many people would ask me where I got the suit and then have to explain I made it. Having that kind of stuff on your suit is brilliant and I may consider that on my next suit.
    Spartan LongShot-X made it to TV... AGAIN! Check out the Space Channels "Inner Space: Halo" episode (Canadian programming). I recognized a few others from the 405th and the SnowBurner Squad.
    You know what.... I like that Idea.

    <Goes and starts to clean up the back end of the studio.>

    I Think I'll shoot those THIS Saturday.
    I have a few progress updates on the upgrades.

    After seeing your pictures everywhere, not to mention the one's I referenced when making my own suit, I believe you should make some sort of Calendar showcasing different poses/pieces. It would be great motivation for me to continue improvements on my own suit next season. :D
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