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  • oh really well that sucks and yes hoping for a break because you need to finish, it looks awesome! good luck :)
    nope sry mate, dont own a 360 ; / and been very busy lately, hoping for some break in the future so i can get to work on radec >.< its been sitting in my garage for too long.
    Same for me
    Hope to get back to working with the mask before it gets to cold over here (today it was 14 degrees C)
    Not yet, still working on it. Had a few weeks off to catch up with college but hopefully will be able to get back on working with this project.
    I'm starting to wonder if it just me or does gluing helmets take forever?
    Well just the top part of the helmet left which is where all the big parts are.
    I hate when it take me like 30-40 minutes to plan, glue, redo, mop up, for 0,5Cm of height on half of the helmet >.>

    I'm still on it and having a blast; hope that I'll have time and drive to make me a Nevec helmet and Iron man suit some day ^^

    EDIT: Nice to see an update on your project : D Too bad about the shoulder pad : /

    3am now but I played a game of Company of Heroes with some friends
    I've finally cut all pieces, numbered them etc. for the helmet
    Printer wouldn't take the paper I bought, or so I thought ; )
    so I've cut them and numbered all the pieces and drawn all lines.
    I've got 4 pages of the mask to cut then I'll have to buy some more sheets for the goggles

    So long story short... I'm close to glue it all together : S
    Hope I won't mess it up

    Oh oh, I have also bought a vest for about 334USD o_O ... which I am moreover will use for my Norwegian army kindof impression (airsoft)

    Thanks for tuning in ^^
    good night
    I managed to get hold of him, just hope I haven't been nagging him to much ; P

    about the weapon, sounds like a great idea. Guess my M14 wouldn't really fit : /
    I've looked alot in to just what vest to use and I think I've decided to do something in between of them costumes that are good on the internet. Something between looking fairly real (kinda like swat) and out of the game. Thats really why I want the Radeck chest piece to create something not seen in the game (combined with a regular troop) and from IRL because I really think it would look better that way. (hope to be able to use the costume when I go airsoft)
    I've been rude enough to ask xtreme tactics 101 to unfold the helmet for me
    but he has been busy lately so I'm still waiting for it to be unfolded or resized to fit me
    "Good to hear another soul entering the Emperor's service ^.^ "

    haha, you also loyal to our saviour, the god emperor?
    the emperor protects!
    (playing Cadian IG)

    on another note, do you've got some more pictures on that sweet armour of yours? : D
    ah nice, i think i might finish the AR tomorrow hopefully oh and BTW if you create 3d modles what would be the best software to design a 3d modle
    but the bad thing is that it is uneven at some parts and doesn't fit properly, but other than that it's awesome
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