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  • Yea, It's difficult double majoring, but I know I can do it. Haha well whatever floats your boat right? Uhh, I have no idea what video I watched, that was waaaaaay too long ago for me to remember that! But chances are it was Longshot-X or something like that ha.

    Damn you sure can write a lot about this stuff! No, I've never heard of it but it does sounds like a really interesting concept. It makes sense too, I can see how something like that could work. What kind of progress have you made on it so far?

    P.S. Sorry it took me so long :/
    Haha yea, that was a pretty long response! But I do understand why you would come here of all places. It's the perfect place for anybody to realize their dream of being Master Chief (or anything, really)! Sounds like a pretty interesting major, I'm personally majoring in Mech Eng and German. I've never heard of anything like TEM though (it's TEM right?). Well let me think back a year from sunday... I think I watched a video on Youtube of somebody in a Master Chief costume and I immediately fell in love with the idea of walking around in one of my own :) So I started doing some research on it and came across 405th which seemed like the perfect place to start. But since then I've been working on it on and off and now here I am haha. But the one thing that keeps me coming back to this site and this project is still the thought of having my own Master Chief costume that I made myself. It just sucks that this is such an expensive hobby :( Tell me more about that body armor, that sounds cool
    For anyone wondering: I have lurked the 405th since late 2009 and have just made an account. If I've friend requested you, chances are that I have frequented threads in which you contributed and feel like adding you as a friend, seeing that I've "known" you for a while. :) Weird logic, I know.
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March 12
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