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Nov 13, 2013
    1. wolfman0824
      Found you chief!
      Helljumper LePine reporting in.
    2. BIGmac96
      Read the post on your avatar and I must say you are a truly kind person. God bless.
    3. ViperB77
      Hey Sir! You seem Quite popular, Could I bother you for a question?
    4. Roadkiller
      I donated a helmet to the charity auction at a local convention in Mathieu Lacombe's name. Mathieu is the young man I visited in the hospital just before he passed away from cancer (link to the whole story in my signature).

      The convention organizers took up a secret collection at the con to purchase the helmet and present it to his mother. They raised $1006.21. The proceeds from this and othe items at the auction go to support the local childrens hospital.

      Here is Mathieu's mom wearing the helmet with me as the Master Chief while the crowd chants "Spartans Never Die"!

    5. Roadkiller
      Welcome to my 405th page. I have made many improvements to the costume over the last year. It doesn't look much like it did in the beginning. I am also about to have my new chest piece completed. But here's how the costume looks now:


      On a related note, the annual SF and Fantasy convention that occurs near the hospital where Mathieu Lacombe was treated will be holding a charity auction. Currently the organizers are hoping the proceeds can be donated to that hospitcal in Mathieu's name.
      The convention's website:
      The story of my encounter with Mathieu -
    6. InnovACEr
      Thank you so much for posting the story about your avatar. I am overwhelmed by the beautiful thing you did for Matthieu and his family. God bless you good sir.
    7. braggkid9
      Oh! By the way, can you friend me? Since I just started I'm kinda by myself here. And one other thing, I may not be Canadian, but I have a long family history in the military(traced it back to Ulysses S. Grant) and I want to be an officer too, so I'd like to say thanks for serving.
    8. braggkid9
      Hi, I just signed up a few days ago and I'm actually a senior at Fayetteville Christian School in Fayetteville, NC and what we do is that every senior class goes out into the world to do a mission trip. This last few years they went to Africa but I'm actually going to Costa Rica. I've heard some amazing stories from other alumni but none of those compares to what you did for Matt. I can only hope that I will be able to compare. Spartans never die and may God bless you and your family for the rest of your life man. May I tell some of my friends and teachers about this?
    9. invisablehero
      I don't even know what to say. Matt's story was so touching. You really made a difference in someone's life man. God bless you.
    10. Stiilus
      wow... i'm blown away by what you did for Matthieu... i just don't know what to say... there should be more people like you and the team that built the suit... just incredible...
      Read the story on your avatar.
      God bless you, sir.
    12. Roadkiller
      Hi Haissan, and thanks for stopping by.

      No, I just wanted to do something constructive with the costume after all the work involved in creating and then upgrading it. I've recently moved to another city and I have to make new contacts to continue my community service. You can follow my progress here:

    13. Haissan
      You sir, are a saint
    14. Roadkiller
    15. Darkrider9
      Hey, It might just be me but I can't see the pictures in your last post about the walk. I'd love to see the pictures though! Are they somewhere else?
    16. Roadkiller
      Salutations! I've been putting the costume to good use. With friends in other costumes, I've done a walk through the downtown area collecting change (and posing for pictures) to raise funds so we can take part in a 5 Km walk to support the fight against prostate cancer in June.
      Here's a picture taken of us through some guys' windshield as we crossed the street in front of him:


      This coming weekend we'll be marching in the 3rd largest continuous parade in Canada. The air temperature with humidex is predicted to be 33 C (about 96 F). This will be a BIG challenge, and I'm looking forward to it.
    17. Jester1014
      Nice to see you met Math. And great pics. Yet another reason to finish my suit.
    18. Roadkiller
      Greetings to you all!

      Although I am pleased that my development of the NOOB Reading List ( ) seems to be helping the Halo costuming world, nothing compares to what the community has enabled me to do.

      As a result of the effort being led by Ithica to create a Halo costume for a terminal cancer patient ( ) I was able to visit Matthieu Lacombe and perhaps, for a few minutes, make things a bit brighter for him. I've Blogged the entire story of my visit here:

      Thank you to all the great folks at the 405th and my best hopes to Matthieu!
    19. Zman
      I will totally give your my cell number if you have time to help me through this.
    20. Roadkiller
      Welcome to my page!

      My major contribution to the 405th is the NOOB Reading List available here:

      I've been continuing to upgrade my low-def Mk VI Master Chief to a high-def version. I expect to be putting up some fun pics of the upgrades soon.

      Finally made the decision as to what my next long term project will be; the Doomguy! I am still planning things out but I may be able to start a WIP thread in the next couple of weeks.

      Thanks for stopping by!
    21. xSkywalker
      Hi, remeber me? the guy who called stickies rubbish. Well i thought about it and i like to join the mentoring program as a mentee. Sorry about how i was before. I only need 1 short answer.
    22. Roadkiller
      Hi all.
      My profile picture is Denise Crosby (Tasha Yarr from Star Trek: The Next Generation) giving me "bunny ears" at a con. Better versions here:
      I am continuing to upgrade the costume. The best part of having a complete set on hand is that I can work on other things as they interest me and still have a suit on hand if an opportunity comes up to wear it.
      So far on the bench are a HD Mk VI helmet that is about 90% complete. It needs fans, lights and a bit of filling and smoothing.
      A new cod piece is also 80%. Painting, filling/smoothing and proper strapping yet to go.
      New boots are 100%. New hand plates are 95%, I need to paint them again, I'm not happy with the way they look.
    23. PmsProxy
      Hey Roadkiller! I messaged you back but I'm not sure If you got them. But I have a request to the group.
    24. Roadkiller
      Hi and welcome!
      I'm working at upgrading the costume. I've made a set of boots out of - real boots (and EVA foam). My proper Mk VI helmet is nearing completion and I've got a special surprise in the works ...

      A Sean Bradley energy sword (with light kit from Dustin Westaby). Pics soon!
    25. PmsProxy
      Actually I never head of Sci-Fi on the Rock until now! I searched it up this morning when I seen this, and I was amazed! The convention is held about a 10 minute drive from my house. I'm so surprised I had never heard tell of it before.

      I'm glad you liked Newfoundland! Its a great place, although we get about 8 months of winter.. not very nice when your trying to resin and bondo.

      Oh and for the convention I think... actually I know Im going to be making a Kat suite! and Im also going to make my twin an Emile suite, hes going to look awesome in it. So thats 2 suites in 6 months. This should be fun!
      Thanks for telling me about the con though! I'm really excited.
      And I cant wait to see your new suite! If its anything like the one now but HD its going to be awesmazing.( Awesome/amazing together)
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