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  • Well I am working on the mark V helmet that was worn by the Chief himself in the first game (best one btw) but right now I am in need of bondo. I'll get some soon hopefully, and when I do I'll mix it with rondo and so on. I'm also working on a different helmet too and its the Judge Dredd helmet from the movie lol. Can't wait!
    Small update. I finished peping the 2 shins. I've started the fore-arms, and have decided to scrap and restart my helmet. It was the first item I ever pep'd and I have since learned some techniques to make the peps come out better. And as we all know, the better the pep the better the final product. It was a good learning experiance and I will be keeping it to practice painting before I do a final. Thanks for stopping by.
    Things have slowed down a bit due to high humidity. My pieces are taking much longer to dry. I've got the inside of the helmet resin'd and one gauntlet piece. I'm cutting the second gauntlet piece now and it should be done by saturday 8-6-11.
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I'm a former Marine Who loves the Halo universe. I also love building things.

Paintball, Video games, and now Armor building.
Sep 9, 1985 (Age: 38)


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