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  • ok i was using that first when using the weta team files but if it work for you ill make a try whis me luck ill start whit them rigth now
    I used the pick of the ODST that he had posted in his thread.... but that one might work too.... I used his pic because it is of a real life person with ODST armor.
    Actually my gauntlet was much too small so Im planning on remaking it! and as for fiber glass. Just cut it into small squares about the size of a card *( a card you get from poker cards or any playing card) once the out side of your piece is resined and had hardened go ahead and start fiber glassing. Take some more resin and now coat the inside of your piece but only a big enough patch to place 2 or 3 of the cut up fiber glass on to. because if you cover the hole thing half will be dry by the time you get to put fiber glass on it. So just repeat that step until your finished. It gets really messy so make sure you wear proper gloves!
    J223 ODST Soldier preparing for drop sir

    Im not a English talker, im a Spanish talker that know a litlle of englis :p
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Latin and spanish talker, arrive here looking for some fun :D

Soccer, Taekwondo, video games etc
November 21
Dominican Republic
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ODST, preparing for Drop
Spanish Talker that know a litlle of english