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    Ah, I get it. Thanks Master Chef.
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    Just a quick question here.. can Bondo Body Filler be used a replacement of fiberglass cloth/mat?
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    is it too big? too small?

    For the helm, it looks like a perfect fit for your noggin. If you get in a hassle to try to put on the helm, cut out some of the neck parts til you can easily put your helm on and off. Good work, I expect some nice results after you fiberglass it.
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    can't fit into Odst helmet

    Yup, I got unfortunate and my head can't fit inside the helmet. However, it's just the bottom helm part thats hindering my head. If anybody uses Sigma's Odst helmet file, may they please tell (or show) what parts of the head to cut? Thanks.
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    Now that that gave a good thinking of Bondo. Thanks.
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    Half finished on my ODST Helmet, I'm wondering how Bondo "Body Filler' works. I do know that it's a liquid-hardener. 1. Bondo should be treated like Fiberglass and Resin, right? 2. Should a nurse's mask (the one covering the nose and mouth) be a good resistance to the Bondo's toxins? 3...
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    ODST Armor for Haloween '08

    If, you are doing Pepakura armor, there's an ODST helmet file somewhere in the sticky topics. Here's also a pic. Good luck, there's plenty of time between now and Halloween. :)
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    ODST armor color

    What would be the exact color of ODST armor? Wanting to see because I wanted to repaint my armor color from blue to _____.
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    Paper Mache, then Resin?

    You should start with the piece with numero 1, then work from there. KEEP your pieces organized. I have no idea about the resin part.
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    Would you be a Spartan?

    Ya, a marine, at least.
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    Ok, I'm kinda confused here..

    Fiberglass and resin are two different materials for hardening of cardboard armor, right? Please correct me if I'm wrong.
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    When you paint your piece of armor..

    If you paint a Paper mache-d Pepakura armor, will the dried Paper mache not malform when the paint dries?
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    Paper Mache..

    Ok, thanks.
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    Paper Mache..

    This seems nooby, but how do you make paper mache? I do know you use newspaper, flour, water, etc.