can't fit into Odst helmet

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<div class="bbWrapper">Yup, I got unfortunate and my head can't fit inside the helmet. However, it's just the bottom helm part thats<br /> hindering my head. If anybody uses Sigma's Odst helmet file, may they please tell (or show) what parts of the head to<br /> cut? Thanks.</div>

Sigma LS

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<div class="bbWrapper">Cut the side and back outer ring to leave about one inch of the bottom polys underneath the helm.<br /> <br /> Then round off underneath the chin.<br /> <br /> <br /> After all that it should fit.</div>


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<div class="bbWrapper"><blockquote class="bbCodeBlock bbCodeBlock--expandable bbCodeBlock--quote"> <div class="bbCodeBlock-title"> Sigma-LS said: </div> <div class="bbCodeBlock-content"> <div class="bbCodeBlock-expandContent "> ...After all that it should fit... </div> <div class="bbCodeBlock-expandLink"><a>Click to expand...</a></div> </div> </blockquote>Hey man, are you really understand the question?<br /> The question was &quot;...please tell (or show) what parts <b>of the head to cut</b>?...&quot; so head must fit to helm, not helm to head <img src="" class="smilie smilie--sprite smilie--sprite8" alt=":D" title="Big Grin :D" data-shortname=":D" /></div>
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<div class="bbWrapper">we need a surgeon on these forums stat lol, is this the Halo 2 ODST helmet or the halo 3 ODST helmet?</div>
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