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  • True. Just think, i wanted to have my full halo suit by NDK last year and i only got the helmet and gloves done for it...so don't despair. That and the more time you put into it the better it will look in the long run.
    Moar money raising...guwahrghenflaggon Dx but at least I know what Kind of Armor I'm makin' =D

    Helmet: Commando, w/UA
    L-Pauldron: ODST
    R-Pauldron: ODST
    L-Wrist: UA Multi Threat
    R-Wrist: Tactical/ Tacpad
    Chest: Mixture of UA Multi threat chest and Jun's chestpiece
    Utility: Tactical Hard Case
    Knee Guards: Gungnir
    First Project: Mk.VI "Ravager" armor, my personalized MJOLNIR armor that I've always dreamed of having been made. So, now that I've studied here on the noob forum, I think I may be ready to begin the process, starting with Pepakura and making a "Grocery list" of things I needta buy from the store. I'll keep posted on my progress and while it is under construction; I will be open to live feedback. Thanks to everyone who posted stuff I needed to know on the nob forums and I can't wait to begin the process :D
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Just a guy, likes FPS's and 3rd person things, I've got simple interests (kinda...)

Anime, Manga, Making stuff, drawing, reading, video games, food, women
somewhere in the Korpulu Sector on a forge world r
Student/ full time nerd


What do I say 'round convention time?
"Hell, it's about time..." ~Tychus Findlay, Starcraft 2