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  • It could be from my 1st thread on orignal forums on the old server. Then the 405th migrated to a new server. The build and photo progress was in the old thread. However, yes I did use the support struts. Helped to reduce warping.

    The gloves I got from eBay. I found out that they are paint ball gloves. Try your local paint ball store and see if they have anything.

    My pressure suit is a size small (as that is what fits me). Yes it does make my upper torso look bigger (due to the padding) while my lower portion (waist) look thinner due to no padding and the way the straps cinch in. I like it as it makes me look "Buff/Muscular"

    Cheers! :)
    For the abplate: I just used some nylon webbing and glassed the strips into place

    For the Hard drive magnets: I had a whole bunch of dead ones around and extracted the magnets from them. Check with your local computer store and see if they are willing to give up a failed/dead drive.

    no problem! and a couple of follow ups...How did you attach the abplate? and where can I can I get hard drive magnets? I mean, I don't have spare hard drive just layin around lol
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