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    Halo 3 Odst Signatures

    These are fine signatures, my friend. :) But I think, that it's the best to make sigs by yourself. That way your sig is unique. :) Still, good work on those. Keep up. Maybe someone, who don't have the talent will use yours. If I didn't know how to make one, I'd probably use yours (but I know...
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    Odst Weta Landfall Ver. Pep Armor By Skg & Crew

    Umm, the download link for the helmet is not working. Rapidshare is complaining about max 10 downloads. Skullcandy Girl, if you like, I can host those files on my server. I have plenty of space there and no download limit. Of course, if you want. Not sure if it will work well, just offering my...
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    Mech Simpit

    Oh, I didn't notice it. Sorry. Indeed ^^
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    Carpathia's Halo 3 Odst W.i.p.

    Very well done job. You're truly a pep master, I must say. :) Keep up the good work. I want to see some pics/vids with you running in this armor killing Brutes, man! ^^ Peace.
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    Mech Simpit

    Jesus! A Mech? Nice work! :) What do you plan to do with it, after you finish it? Probably a dust-catcher in the garage, eh? :) (J/K ^^)
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    Phenry's Mark 6 Armor Wip

    Awesome folds, man! :) Great work. Your bondo work looks pretty neat! ^^ Keep up the good work, man. :)
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    Introduce Yourself

    So, here I go :) Name: Chris Country: Poland Profession: Student Age: 16 (17 in few months) Favorite Hobby: Video Games Favorite part of halo: Being Master Chief Favorite Halo: Halo 3 and Halo Wars Favorite Video Game: Quake 3 Arena and Halo 3 Other Interests: Playing guitar, making films...