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  • Duuuude!
    i was just about to comment when you comment!

    yeah i wanted something to show off my kat and chief armour :p
    It looks to small on paper, some look just right and others look way to big. The only way I know they are too small or is once I already pepped them, which is killing my ink and my card stock lol.
    Slow like a snail... no no i kid, it's coming along really well actually I think I need to rescale the chest as well as the helmet -.-
    hey man its cool, i just kinda log in here sometimes and check out threads but dont reply anymore..
    hence why it takes me ages to reply!
    sorry for the no-replies from me, been busy!
    the first undersuit is a motorcycle pressure suit, the second is... the shorts are bicycle pressure pads, then wetsuit from the knees down, then the top is just a skin tight rasher vest thing..
    ahah my tafe is frustrating.. its like a digital design college.. but the computers never get routinely wiped so they get clogged up with people leaving movies and stuff on their desktops. which in turn makes the comp lag so badly..
    Happy birthday! (from a day ahead in australia) its technically the 19th here :D
    tried to send a message on fb, but its being weird and not letting me !
    haha oh excersize .. what does that mean?
    ahah im so lazy, my job is all the excersize i need..
    arite chase! im good thanks, hows things with you?
    im probs going to go offline in a min, in the middle of pepping !! just wanted to update my thread :D
    ahaha hey! australia has great weather.. but you cant call me an aussie! im english damn it ahahahah :D
    how is your IM going btw? managed to sneak some hours in your basement doing it ? :p
    yeah i need an avatar! i have to go onto my other comp and photoshop a photo of me in my armour smaller :)
    yeah i noticed your thread wasnt up and running.. weird..
    ahah yeah, im still working my way around and trying to figure stuff out :D do you know how to change the title of a topic? i cant change mine to say finished..
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Just your average gameing/sci-fi nerd who likes big shiny armor and advanced weponry... :D

Costuming, gaming, science, computers, building
Aug 19, 1990 (Age: 33)
Winder, GA
Spartan, Aperture Science Test Subject, Wasteland Wanderer. Also handle website design and maintenance, and IT support for a custom frame shop/photolab.


Great people talk about ideas. Average people talk about things. Small people talk about other people.