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    hey! I just saw your MA37 AR build and it is incredible! It's great to se a good replica made without pep or machines. If you aren't going to mold it, could you post a video on how you made it?
    Hey there! I was wondering, do you think you can replace the images in your cardboard weapon tutorial? I really want to make a scratch-built weapon, but can't seem to find a good overview of how, except for your tutorial, and unfortunately it is a little hard to understand now that the images don't work!
    hey man, this is my first visitor post ever, but id just like to say youre stuff is aazing. thanks for the tutorials and stuff, it helps allot, im working on a grav hammer, shotgun and magnum with your methods. thanks!
    Hello, I am interested in the MA37, she sells it?
    wow, i'm such an idiot. i'm sorry for all the questions. i'm an idiot for not researching what i was asking about. if i had, i wouldn't have had to ask, and you wouldn't have had to re-explain yourself.
    in your tut for cardboard props, you mention the different "paper" "card" and such, but you don't mention Cardboard, or box-board. I've got nearly an infinite supply of packing boxes and such and i'm wondering if it's usable
    Hello Marshon,
    Just wondering what you're thoughts are for doing an under suit. I have as of yet to find a tutorial on this subject mater, So I'm here to ask you if some time in the future you might come up with a little something. Just a simple concept would do. I for one would be very grateful for some input being my last full body suit was a little on the hot side of things.

    As always thank you for you're time and Knowledge.
    mr marshon..
    i am new around here, but I saw your tutorial "weapons of cardboard for noobs" and i think its an excellent tutorial, only thing is I get stuck at the beginning, where you draw a mark with a blue marker and cut the gun into squares...
    Congratulations young man, Elite! Very deserved, and I know you always seem to go up a gear on every project. Well done Simon, well done.
    I agree. you should not be 'Noob' and your completed wip should be in the elite section. I have pm'ed Ruze789 just now with a link to the wip.
    I sware you just get cooler and cooler!!!! Sir your becomeing my hero. If i could ilove to learn your tick of the trade.
    Sir I just like to say welcometo the 405.Im looing forward to seeing how your rifle comes out.I hope that your stay with us is long and great. If you have time look my thread up and see how my rifle is going. I would love your input XD
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