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    I'm in control of my self again!

    <div class='quotetop'>QUOTE(just me(no one else) @ Jan 5 2008, 09:26 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}></div><div class='quotemain'>no. you are cortana.(dot) a copy, pirate version. well, welcome</div> i dont get it
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    More airsoft question

    MP5 great gun to start off.
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    parkour or free running

    its not sopposed to be fast
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    n/e one have a halo 3 zune or zune?

    i got the last one at gamestop
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    The Zune

    the halo 3 zune has been discontinued
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    Halo: Contact Harvest

    just got it today im a book worm
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    Your identity

    dave 208
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    Would you be a Spartan?

    i couldn't be a spartan. the hours are too long and cut into class time :p
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    great game!

    theres this game i got in the mail the other day called free running for the psp ( its great because you get to travel london while free running on top of buildings and objects and if you dont know what free running (the sport) is check wikipedia. opinions?
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    Would you be a Spartan?

    totaly. i would not go through all that even for all the perks in the world. like shiny armor
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    I've got a dumb idea... *Spoilers*

    i havent even got the game
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    ghost of onyx

    how much for harvest
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    Crazy Idea

    does anyone know any fan made halo games?
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    hours am9:00-pm12:00 time pm4:00
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    just got mine today :D from gamestop 1 LEFT!