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    Crysis 2 Thread

    Kurk sorry to bother you, I had a look at the files and well I have no program that I can use to create support for the models (like your torso) and I rarely have time these days, currently doing my private pilots license, anyway can you maybe (PLEASE) either send me a link to your files or...
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    Special Mark VI Armor WIP

    Is this stuff strong? as in fiberglass equivelent or more like resin/foam?
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    "Help!" for: Molding

    Don't want to troll or anything,but I'm really looking at molding as an alternative, but unfortunately I haven't been very sucesful in vinding a tut. can anyone help?
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    Space Marine Wip

    The build looks beastly! any chance of a full armor photo?
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    Space Marine Wip

    Deathcoreknight ! ....I'm gonna die of jealousy. Shin turned out GREAT! well done
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    Space Marine Wip

    Awesome job with modeling the pep files are easy to build and fast, I'm done with the torso only little problem was the back piece's top joining point with the front if the shins are complete I would love to try building them. fawsome job , keep it up! :D
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    Terminator Armour

    although my moddeling skills aint that great I will support your cause! aperently my speeling skills aint good either....
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    Halo 3 - Custom High Detail Models

    do you still have the model of the first hd torso (from above on the first page) PLEASE HELP!
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    Props .454 Casull Raging Bull. & Ak-47

    How about an M16 with an m203 grenadelauncher and heatshield?