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  • It's difficult to help you without knowing specifically what this issue is. It might not be a bad idea to begin a build thread to post your progress with pictures so others may help and guide you more easily.

    At this point I can only offer that it is important not to rush the paper assembly portion of a build. Taking your time up-front will serve you well as you proceed to later steps. I like to follow these steps for the paper-work...

    1) Crease all fold-lines (I use fine-tip pens with a straight-edge to crease lines accurately)
    2) Cut all pieces (I either create piles corresponding to page numbers or put the pieces in a multiple-pocket folder to keep things in order)
    3) Assemble all pieces (I use Pepakura Designer during this process to help refer to page numbers to easily find which pieces I need, I like to use hot-glue, and with a helmet I always work from the top, down)

    Hope this helps. Good luck.
    What kind of paper did you use? Make sure you're using cardstock 110lb! Regular printer paper will offset or warp and will mess up even more when you try to apply the thick resin over it.
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