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    Pax2008 Swag From Bungie And Rvb Booth

    I guess it's really up to you on what you want to check out.. PAX is the "NEW" E3 since E3 is no longer E3 LOL.. So, you will get most of the gaming industry there.. Nice, that's alot of conventions.. I heard about the sakura-con but I think that's more to do with cosplay.. I'm not sure what...
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    So.. I'm Back

    Welcome back. Hope all is good in life :)
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    Pax Expo 2008: Red Chief & Cortana Visits Bungie Booth

    We really appreciate the comment! Especially with all the awesomeness on the boards lately.. My suit is the generation 1 (1st pep) so I'm happy it's getting its praises up until now.. My wife did a whole custom paint job by herself and it turned out fantastic considering it took her 3 days to...
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    Pax2008 Swag From Bungie And Rvb Booth

    Yeah, I was really happy that it all paid off this year.. Also, glad to get a use out of my armor since it's been in storage.. :D
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    Pax Expo 2008: Red Chief & Cortana Visits Bungie Booth

    I saw it from the corner of my eye, well on the clear spot of my fogged up glass.. I was like, ohh *hit* haha It's more like, Drop it and I T-BAGG your *ss LOL
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    Pax Expo 2008: Red Chief & Cortana Visits Bungie Booth

    Actually, this is Penny Arcade Expo.. But Dcon is cool as well.. You'll have the 405th crew out there for that.. If you come out to PAX Seattle, you have me and my wife lol ;)
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    Pax Expo 2008: Red Chief & Cortana Visits Bungie Booth

    Thanx portalman.. We were actually too late for the recon challenge.. So my wife just played for fun.. On Sunday, we didn't dress up so my wife played all day at the Bungie booth for fun.. I walked around with my pro camera taking shots while she was there.. :lol:
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    Very New Here

    Welcome! and Enjoy! :D
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    Pax Expo 2008: Red Chief & Cortana Visits Bungie Booth

    <div class='quotetop'>QUOTE(Doo 2000 @ Sep 4 2008, 06:06 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}></div><div class='quotemain'>"></param><embed src="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="425" height="350"></embed></object></div> Thanks for the shortcut but, I put it as a link only...
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    Femalespartan's Progress Thread

    Wow, I agree, when I first did my pep it was not smooth at all. Alot of body filler went into mine.. Nice to know when I get around in building another one for the wifey.. I been procrastinating :lol:
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    Where Was The 405th Booth? Oh Wait..stuffed In A Corner...

    Well with everything it takes time to get things perfect... It can be in a job, in life and even in wearing your armor.. First time I put on my armor, things were not fitting right. This time around, I had it strapped properly but had a malfunction on my shoulders.. Next time I know on what to...
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    First Name

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    Out Of Town 9/6/08 - 9/13/08-- Update: Back

    Wow the Big Day is coming up!! Congratz on the Wedding and to remember to enjoy yourself. If things go wrong, just remember that It's normal and not to stress to much.. Always remember to smile because it's your special day!! :lol:
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    Pax Expo

    Thanx Vexona.. It sure would have been fun to have the 405th with me though... Another note, I found some other pictures on flickr.. This kid was walking around in a Westerfield Studios armor.. Anybody know who this is?
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    Pax2008 Swag From Bungie And Rvb Booth

    Yeah, they could have easily re-sold them and made money for charity or their own pocket change.. Instead, they thank the attendee's by making it Rain.. Gotta love those guys!! They were all helpful in questions and talk to you like they known you for years..