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    Soft Parts Halo Reach Gloves

    Mechanix gloves, you can pick them up from any hardware store. and removing the labels and stuff is easy too.
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    Making CNC files?

    so I have access to a CNC milling machine, but I have no idea how I would go about making those files. and if so, could I convert Pepakura files to a CNC format?(.dxf, .ac, .fbx) how would I go about doing that? Discuss! -John Wayne
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    Rhinoc's H4 Build

    so sick bro, can't wait to see it finished!
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    "Halo4" ForgedReclaimer's Pepakura Database

    Glad to see you back in the community Forged Reclaimer! we missed you!!!
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    My MKVI Foam Armor Build.

    lookin' great so far, what files did you use?
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    Mass Effect Armor. I'm Commander Shepard and this is my favorite thread on the 405th.

    Love to get my hands on some templates for that Omni-tool :D
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    Dragon con 2011 with itstimstime

    hmm... A necro post is a necro post, regardless of the traffic. Mods are typically asleep anyways, so what does it matter?
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    Funny con story

    Seems legit.
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    Fallout Houston (TEASER TRAILER)

    oh, hey guys! pardon my dust, but I've been busy with some movie projects (some I cannot mention ATM) this being one of them! I give you... Special physical effects(i.e explosions) John Wayne Tingley(Project 003) please subscribe for future videos!
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    Pepakura Requests

    so, I'm wondering if anyone has any CNC files around? particularly the Halo reach Assault rifle?
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    Occupy Houston Documentary

    wow, remind me not to post anything in the General Discussion's board...
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    Occupy Houston Documentary

    no, the Occupy wall street protests are not affiliated with the Tea Party in anyway, this video should help what "we the people" of the Occupy Houston protests want in demand...
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    Occupy Houston Documentary

    tomorrow, (Monday, October 17th) me and a friend are going to document the historic "Occupy Houston" protests here in the City of Houston. I will post the video when it has been fully edited and ready to be uploaded. In the mean time, discuss your thoughts on the matter. wish me luck!
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    Project: 002D - DARE helmet

    here's some more updates: I stenciled the DARE and weathered it to my liking... and for fun-zees I spattered some dark purple alien blood to make it more Menacing. stay tuned for more updates...