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    1. SillyBilly
      So far I think you may have solved my problem with the 405th files. But can I use 7-Zip to decompress them? Or do you have a better recommended program for it?
    2. Nerds Kitchen
      Nerds Kitchen
      Hey thank you for answering my question. Although, I need clarification on this topic and I'm not entirely sure where to discuss this. Is private messaging appropriate?
    3. AvAngelAvA
      Thank you for answering my questions earlier, its very appreciated :)
    4. Magic muffin
      Magic muffin
      Thanks for making my sketchup model pepable! :)
    5. Rob
      Thank You!
    6. inusan
      thanks for the choice of images and change the settings on FB and upload to photobucket
    7. Jester1014
      thats what i was going to use it for was gauntlets and hands.
    8. Jester1014
      thanks, I was really hoping not needing circumferences. I got a crap ton of 65 for free. So If I got it right I would redo with the 110.
      I only plan on doing this with troublesome parts now. Sweet, thanks for telling me to go metric cause I was about to start in standard.
      Once i actually start pepping i may change my mind about how many testers I do.
    9. Jester1014
      sorry comp had a fritz moment and i thought i lost my last two messages.
    10. Jester1014
      Sorry for that being a dumb idea.
      Would it be a better Idea to use a cheaper cardstock to check my sizes rather than just plain paper? To scale a part up, do I need to use % or should I insert measurements manually? And to check my measurements, should I use Diameter across or Circumference around my limbs? Those are biggest questions for scaling, Hope I didn't cause you any grief. If we ever meet up at a con or a 405th meet or something I owe you a round, whether it be lunch or drinks.
      Thanks man
    11. Jester1014
      Thanks big time for telling me all of this and being patient with me if you are. If we ever get a chance to meet up at a meet or something, the first rounds on me.
      You can hold me to it.
    12. Jester1014
      Ok, I've thought this through a bit. It'll take some time, but would it be best if I pepped on basic paper versions first to get my size
      together? That way I don't use up Cardstock. Like Kirrou's templates for his Hd ODST he did recently. I hadn't thought too much about the size and weight thing being a dumb idea. I'm really broad in the shoulders. In a since I'm built like a refrigerator only I'm not fat.
      I apologize, I'm a little slow on the up take of how t start things I have no knowledge in. But once I got the hang of it, I'm good to go.
    13. Jester1014
      Forgive me for asking but does this graph work off of height or weight? or both?
      The only thing I'm doing for scaling is using some Graph paper, Dial Calipers and an engineering algorithm I used for my beginners engineering course in highschool. Then Once I got all I need from the 1/144 scale model I just blow it up to my size. With these spartan parts though, I have no idea what there original sizes are. I've got limited material and I'm trying to do this w/o as much scrapping as possible. On Pep, Does it show the default size for the spartan armor? If so could you point me in the right direction?
      I'm just going to load up Cad 2005 and see if pep can read it. I know how to use that system once I get back into it.
    14. Jester1014
      Ok ithica was the right person to talk to then.
      Thanks when you said basic editing, did you mean tweaking it to fit you?
    15. Jester1014
      I just found a great tutorial on here for Pep. It was posted Hollywood but I think it was made by someone named Hammer? It really helped, I wonder if he has one for making objects?
    16. Jester1014
      Is Wings in a sense easier to use? O r better yet understand.
      Thanks for the info. I'll be picking up my Reach copy this week or next. I don't want to get caught up in the hubub.
    17. Jester1014
      ok, I went with blender cause it was free on the 3d modeling forum.
      Wings .99 is that on Pep? Should I get Sketchup then if I want to make my own parts?
      AFAIK? whats that?
    18. Jester1014
      ok, I'm tryin to kind of feel my way through this blender thing. Don't I need to use blender to scale the armor? Ah this thing is a headache!
    19. Jester1014
      Thanks. I'm still trying to figure out the pep Program and finding a printer to use. I'm not a sleeze, I don't take credit for others work.
      I'm going to try to map out his BFG, would you know any body who could give me a few tips on working Blender?
    20. Jester1014
      I've seen I alot of your parts you posted in the Creation Discussion/ Pepakura forum. I was just hoping if it'd be okay with you if I could use some of your designs for a Jorge armor. I just don't want to step on anybodies toes here.
      Thanks J1014
    21. SPARTAN Z71
      SPARTAN Z71
      This is what the mods consider an indecision thread and this is a no-no, as listed under the forum infractions and warnings. Read the list and that will take away your confusion. What Did I do in my Post????
    22. Hell Razer
      Hell Razer
      wait just checked my spam......

      works fine except for the outer shell......

      wont open and keeps freezing my pepakura.........

      can you open it on yours?
    23. Hell Razer
      Hell Razer
      Hey ya i didnt get the email.

      please try this one:

    24. Cirkob5477
      Hey, Ruze just released his Carter helm!
      Looks great, and I'm up for unfolding it. :P
      It's hands down the BEST Carter helmet ever.
      Too bad Carpathia is almost done with his, wouldn't have had to do a ton of bondo work....
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