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  • oh that's where you put theme, well i will have to check it out
    my gt is WakeJunkie, it is my dad's gamertage and i am just to lazy to change it, i am going to change it to ASIAN x FA1L because i am going to join the FA1L clan on xbox where all my other friends are
    all my friends were having a lot of fun playing that map, FUNGxSIZED, INSANE x FA1L, me, and my sister but she was scared the whole time, they all wanted to team up againt you becuase they hthought that you were good at reach =P
    oh that's how you were hiding, =P yah i couldn't even see that in the trees and i also couldn't even see where the sniper bullet was coming from
    that was fun playing reach with you man, you are really good at finding hiding spots the whole time i was trying to find you but i couldn't =P and you kept killing me with the sniper
    Cool. Sorry if i wrote my previous comment in a rude way, i did not mean it as bad. I am just kind of excited about getting more Gundam files out there that sometimes it overwhelms me.
    If you want to help with the Mobile Suit area of the 405th (thats what i am trying to do) then visit and comment on this thread HERE

    Once you check stuff out i will send you all the files i have for Gundams so you know what we already have. Thanks for showing interest in Gundams!
    Hello Jester,
    I'm starting to get very frustrated with this sizing thing. there seems to be no norm in the size on the pep files. some are way to big and others are way to small. how would one go about figuring out what a 5'8.5" med. build 160lb. person go about coming out with a gen. size to input into the pep viewer to make them work out? the thighs and forearms are just way to big and a 10% reduce is to small. I've wasted over a 100 sheets of paper and 4 days on this 1 already this week and my Vac. time is coming to a close. Any help on this would be great.

    Thanks, Thorn696
    They set you up as my mentor, but you and I are working with 2 dif types of medium. I'm working on fiberglass, and you the foam. But...the straps should be the same and/or how its worn. As for the chest I don't even know if you have to worry about cutting you'res the foam should be just flexible enuff to move around you're head. As for the detailing of the armor...I've never seen the game so all I have to go off is the 2D pic's from this site. And those have changed allot since I first started out, that why I changed up on my project in mid stride. When done I'll have pretty much 2 suits. So the next ? is this you're first build? If so I can ask them to give me over to someone whom has done a fiberglass build. I don't want to wast you're time with things that you never did you're self. Let me know
    Hi, just touching base with you. I should be getting my smooth cast in a week or so it will be a few weeks till I start cutting and will need some help. I just fig. I would need some idea were to cut this apart at and/or how to add the straps. I shouldn't be bothering you much just someones point of view whom has seen the game and/or done this before. Thank you in advance for you're time.
    Nah I bought that from a guy I know From the TDH.com. I painted it though Myself and put it together.
    i made a page called ohio buckeye corps on fb all you have to do is like the page fell free to post stuff and invite friends
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Names Eric. Igo by Jester1014 online. I'm a big Fan of Mechs and Halo alike.

Model Building, Fishing, Playing with my son, and Video games, Sport shooter
Oct 14, 1986 (Age: 37)
Pleasant Plain, Ohio
None I'm in College for Engineering.