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    Well I Finley started on my odst build freak yeah

    I'm doing battle damage but without physically altering the armor. I sprayed mine in metallic paint then added liquid latex on spots I wanted damaged. Painted the helmet then used tape to peel off the paint showing the "metal" underneath.
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    Well I Finley started on my odst build freak yeah

    Great work so far!
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    General Halo Discussion Stuck Thread Index

    Really stoked about HW2. Was a big fan of the first one!
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    1st Build: ODST

    Thanks. I actually ordered standard material off of It took a couple of weeks to get here and when it did it was the exact size I needed which isn't a good thing cause you can't mess up. I then reprinted the pepakura files for the visor and sort of rebuilt that. I then traced the...
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    1st Build: ODST

    I was working on the shoulder pad and unfortunately it seems too small so I'll have to redo it. Also my visor material came in. It was a pain to create and definitely it perfect. In fact it will need some cleaning up but for now the helmet is done.
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    1st Build: ODST

    Thanks for the compliments! Been working on the upper chest. Got it all cut out and the. Taped to see what I'm working with. It's just a tad snug but fits, the n come hole wasn't big enough so I had to alter it a bit. So I'm thinking about splitting the sides and putting fasteners on. If...
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    1st Build: ODST

    Clear coat is done. Added neck foam to the bottom I'll also eventually add foam to the inside of the helmet. The visor I'll probably do very last (even after all the armor is done). So now to move on to the armor.
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    Building an ODST Suit

    Building an ODST Suit
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    Jun-A266 WIP & Augmented Reality System & AEG

    I believe it is a hood. Jun has a sweet looking model.
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    Tips for make my own halo suit?

    I live in Japan and ordered about 50% from amazon.
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    1st Build: ODST

    So I resanded, refilled, reprimed maybe 3-4 times over and it seems a lot smoother now. There are still a couple of nicks and dings but who wants a Brand new standard issued helmet anyway. I wet sanded, refilled, added details, and reprimed this time in a different primer. Probably wet sand...
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    1st Build: ODST

    Cut out the Visor because I figured at this point if I did it later I'd have to rebondo/sand and prime it. I ended up removing a bit more than I wanted so I reresined/fiberglassed/bondoed part of the inner visor wall. Then I did used a light to find holes and bondoed those, Cut the lines with...
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    For mine I used: Cardstock 32 pages Elmers glue Hot glue Polyester Resin with hardener Fiber Glass cloth Bondo with hardener Body filler Paint primer Spray paint Clear coat I also used tools like: Scalpel Ruler Cutting board Multiple various sized Brushes Acetone Sand paper Rotary tool Bowls...
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    1st Build: ODST

    Hello Hello, This will be my 1st build and no real experience before. I have read and watched many threads. I'll be using Hugh's Build. Any questions are welcome and I've been taking daily pictures but will only post big changes. I've been working on this since October, didn't want to post...
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    Introduce Yourself

    Hello everyone! Beginning my first build (ODST) Name: Raf Profession: Military Age: 29 Favorite Hobby: Video Games, Traveling Favorite Part of Halo: LAN Parties with Halo 1 Favorite Halo: ODST Favorite Video Game: Psy-Ops, or Binding of Isaac, or Last of Us Other Interests: Drawing, Learning...