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  • On hold indefinitely for now I'm afraid. I had some emergency repairs needed for my truck that have literally eaten all my budget for the next suit.
    I'm not really happy about it right now but there isn't anything I can do about it.
    hi, im new here i just discovered the pepakura and i have been looking for samus aran baria suit everywhere without luck, do you still have the file for the helmet? it will be a great help, im trying to build this for my gf, thanks a lot
    Thanks! I didn't want to bother taking space on the forum until I was pretty much at the end. Thats my motivation, I suppose. Keep pushing, stay focused, and you will make that deadline with time to spare. I think we will have some nice stuff to show off :D
    Hey man, saw your pic on my thread. Lookin' pretty sweet. I think i'll try your method on my next build, just build everything in stages. Seems like it's working really well. Hope you finish in time!
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